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    Politicians And Payday Loans-Are These Both Dirty Words?

    A debate arose recently, post British budget, and the central question of the debate was if politicians and payday loans are both dirty words. The words don’t seem in anyway related but the debate linked them.

    By : | 04-17-2011 | Finance:Finance | Total Views : 956

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    Poll Shows Payday Loans May Be Needed Even More Due To British Budget

    One of the biggest union’s in Britain has run a poll that reveals that the budget cuts look set to push even more struggling families into debt. Payday loansin turn will be on the increase as a means of survival.

    By : | 03-28-2011 | Finance:Finance | Total Views : 924

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    Easter Payday Loans-Will More British People Need Them This Year?

    Now that the Easter holiday season is coming soon, money matters become even more important. Times are challenging, so it is all about making money stretch for many of us.

    By : | 03-15-2011 | Finance:Finance | Total Views : 955

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    If Stuck For Cash Are Payday Loans Or Pawnbrokers The Lesser Evil?

    As the vast majority of businesses continue to struggle and suffer, both payday loans companies and pawnbrokers are still on the rise, but which is the lesser evil?

    By : | 03-01-2011 | Finance:Finance | Total Views : 1171

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    UK Payday Loans Company Weighs Up Pros And Cons Of Their Service

    Critics of payday loans companies see them as a greedy industry who prey on the vulnerable, who can be endlessly caught up in a rolling cycle of these high interest type loans.

    By : | 02-25-2011 | Finance:Finance | Total Views : 1171

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    Can Payday Loans Be A Remedy To Credit Issues?

    Credit issues can prevent people from obtaining credit just when they need it most. Is it possible that payday loans can actually be a remedy to some peoples’ credit issues?

    By : | 02-03-2011 | Finance:Finance | Total Views : 1053

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    Payday Loans For Valentine’s Day May Give Peace Of Mind

    Valentine’s Day and payday loans may not be words we would normally put together. However UK payday loan and financial experts have stated that in some cases payday loans in time for Valentine’s Day may give peace of mind and in some cases be a good decision.

    By : | 01-20-2011 | Finance:Finance | Total Views : 927

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    Will Payday Loans Help Or Hinder The January Financial Blues?

    Much of the press criticises payday loans, whereas both customers who have availed of this facility as well as UK faxless payday loans companies can recommend them, especially in a difficult month like January.

    By : | 01-03-2011 | Finance:Finance | Total Views : 1082

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    Payday Loans Shown To Be Cheaper In Some Situations Than Banks

    According to a leading UK newspaper some UK payday loans can work out cheaper in some situations that can occur to any ordinary person with their bank.

    By : | 12-15-2010 | Finance:Finance | Total Views : 1013

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    UK Payday Loans Companies Are Parasites-The Media Are Proved Wrong

    As a relatively new industry, the payday loans industry in the UK has fallen prey to harsh criticism, such as being called parasites and viewed as entities which support customers in making unnecessary purchases.

    By : | 12-08-2010 | Finance:Finance | Total Views : 1094