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    Press Release:Presses’s Fair Use Versus Owner’s Copyright

    Over zealous journalist obtains photo from Adult Website after committing a tort and had irresponsible Media house publish said photo in Family paper without owner’s consent.

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    Buy articles and content online from the world's Journalists

    NewsCollective, an international online news bureau aimed at bringing technology to the publishing arena and updating the way content is created by writers and photographers and marketed to media organizations, has introduced several new features that promise to revolutionize the way content is transacted globally.

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    NewsCollective continues momentum with registrations from over 1,000 professional writers

    NewsCollective, an online news bureau focused on empowering journalists and publishers worldwide to source content online, has announced today that they have over 1,000 journalists and 30 publishers from 26 countries registered on the site. What is commendable is that this widespread participation has taken place during the beta testing of the site in less than three months.

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