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Do press release distribution services really work?

Headline and Summary

It is like asking, does shouting out the message loud at someone's ears reach through them. If press release submission and distribution is not effective, we don't know what is. But instead of blowing our own horns, here are some FACTS that are worth checking out. • Unlike articles on high caliber feeder sites that do not allow the mention of your brand, Press releases directly talk about your company or any related information that represents your brand. That is some direct marketing there.
• It is promotion of the good kind that also delves in important information through its content e.g. If you are announcing the launch of most advanced skin cream, you also normally offer some statistics and surveys that have encouraged the production of the cream. That is what we call INFORMATION of the good kind.
• You get easily indexed by various search engines that majorly depends on the page ranks of the distribution sites and the strategic use of keywords
• Press release services can be either free or paid, the latter has obvious upper hand over the former, but both these are a must-have to promote your brand
• A content farm was a term coined for article directories and not press release directories. You can rest assured that your press release submission does not have to Kung-fu the Panda.

Why PR4links.com?

• PR4links is owned by Submitinme.com, a renowned name for reliable offpage SEO services. Hence, they do have a godfather and are not just yet another press release submission site.
• It offers free and paid press release submission that syndicates to web 2.0 blogs, news channels and social media and so on.
• Quick approval rates
• PR4links has partner press release submission sites wherein you get the similar value of paid press release submission AT NO EXTRA COST. Two things in one - not a bad idea, right?

Order Press Release Distribution Service

Press Release distribution services – Your Ultimate Goal Reached!

• Distribute your business news item to popular press release directories and get over 50 live links
• Get your keywords optimized and make them the anchor text linked to relevant web pages.
• Manual distribution ensures less of spam and more of quality press release distribution services
• Get indexed by major search engines in few hours
• Get featured in popular search engine's news section with professional press release services


Order Press Release Distribution Service