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Hr Management Solution based on biometric technology

With biometric solution, it became easier to manage your HR activities without monitoring. Fully automated system which works on real human features for an authentication.
Coimbatore,, Tamilnadu, India (pr4links.com) 04/05/2011
Have you got tired with daily HR management activities that have to be executed manually? Are you looking for the accurate system which is automatic and can track all the movements with better speed and accuracy? With biometric solution and system integration, it became easier to manage the entire HR activities like tracking your employee’s attendance, managing your visitors and some of the necessary calculation that need to be done at the end of month as pay roll system.

These new HR management solutions are based on the biometric technology which operates on real human features like eye retina, fingerprints, voice, key stroke and entire face. So the system uses these features as an identification of any person and restricts and allows unknown entries. So along with providing the accurate tracking it also delivers an advance security level fir your premises no matter how much employee you have in your company. For the execution of the system, it requires some additional hardware components like biometric scanner which can scan the real human features into digital format which can be stored in computer. So when someone accesses the system it requires giving one of the features as an input. If system get correct match in database then it allows to access otherwise it gives notice for new registration or alarm the system as per your predefined setting.

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