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Labiaplasty Advances Women’s Choices for Gynecological Rejuvenation

Increasing demand for labial reduction surgery moves Dr. Edward Jacobson to the forefront of surgeons who are performing gynecological radiosurgery.
Greenwich, CT , United States (pr4links.com) 17/05/2011
Greenwich, CT – May 17, 2011 – One of the most private of surgical procedures has been steadily moving into public awareness and acceptance. Labiaplasty, or labial reduction surgery, offers hope to many women who are displeased with the size, shape, or physical appearance of their labia. More women are overcoming their reluctance to consider vaginal reconstructive surgery because of overwhelming success rates when performed by skilled gynecological surgeons.

Not only is Dr. Edward Jacobson highly skilled and fully credentialed in these procedures, but he is also understanding of women’s hesitancies to have this most intimate part of their anatomy re-sculpted. From the privacy and comfort of his Greenwich Center for Restorative Vaginal Surgery, Dr. Jacobson and his staff treat their patients with the utmost of respect and sensitivity.

When performed using radio-frequency waves instead of a scalpel or laser, vaginal cosmetic surgery results in reduced discomfort and faster recuperative time. Reduction of oversized labia can be easily achieved with excellent results and minimal scarring. Post-surgical benefits include a more aesthetically pleasing appearance, increased comfort during exercise and cycling, and the ability to wear slimmer-cut bathing suits with confidence.

The New York Times has featured Dr. Jacobson as an expert in his field. One of his patients shared how she was unsuccessful in finding a surgeon to perform labiaplasty. Additionally, the doctors with whom she discussed her concerns downplayed her problem and tried to dissuade her from having surgery. When she found Dr. Jacobson, he performed her surgery and she was immensely pleased with the results. Dr. Jacobson has also been touted for his expertise by The Wall Street Journal and Fox News, plus many other media outlets in the United States and Great Britain.

Dr. Jacobson is a Board-certified gynecological physician in private practice spanning over 30 years and including thousands of successful gynecological restorative surgeries. His newly redesigned website offers a FREE report on labiaplasty when accompanied with a request for his opt-in educational newsletter. Also on the new website are photographic results of before-and-after vaginal reconstructive surgeries plus media print coverage and answers to commonly asked questions.

For your consultation with Dr. Jacobson, please visit the Greenwich Center for Restorative Vaginal Surgery Center online at http://www.cosmeticvaginasurgery.com/contact.html. You may also reach Dr. Jacobson by email at drjacobson@cosmeticvaginasurgery.com or by phone at 203-869-8360.


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Offering highly specialized personal makeover services and a free labiaplasty report, Board certified gynecologist Dr. Edward Jacobson has been providing unparalleled vaginal surgery services for over 25 years.


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