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Launch of generic drug for type two diabetes struggles with next clinical hurdles

Generic medications are the best and the reliable solutions to overcome various health related conditions. A new health care solution is on its way to launching as a phenomenal treatment for type 2 diabetes. Certain clinical obstacles are delaying its entry in the pharmaceutical markets.
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Generic medications are the best and the reliable resources to deal with various health related conditions. The solutions are nothing but the super efficient replica of originals or brands. Recently a new generic medicine working on type 2 diabetes has been introduced. However the clinical trials emerged with certain hurdles and complications. Those obstacles created big time troubles in getting the medicine approved as the safe and secured treatment to deal with type 2 diabetes.

The generic medicine is called salsalate, it is from the category of anti-inflammatory medications that is widely prescribed for dealing with arthritis. The hidden abilities have been bringing out its super promising abilities emphasizing positively on type 2 diabetes. The medication is a non steroidal anti-inflammatory agent that is chemically more or less similar to aspirin.However, the medicine is easy to digest and works with no harms on stomach. A three month trial was made on people with type 2 diabetes, which were led by Joslin Diabetes Center researchers. The tests were carried on with these people and it showed a positive impact by improving the blood glucose levels.

All the patients with type 2 diabetes, experienced levels of hemoglobin A1C, this is a standard measurement reflecting the blood sugar levels over several months in the range of 7.0 to 9.5 %. After starting with the treatment of salsalate, a drop in the percentage was observed by 0.5 percent. Similarly, some other tests associated to fluctuating glucose levels were made which showed considerable results. Another study revealed the fact that along with controlling the blood glucose levels, the medication also impacted by lowering the triglycerides in blood, and a higher level of adiponectin was observed, it is a beneficial protein aiding against cardiac troubles. Overall the medicine appeared as the safe and well tolerated generic by many of the patients living with type 2 diabetes.

From decades, the medication salsalate has been prescribed as the best and reliable solution for dealing with joint pains. The medicine is an anti-inflammatory solution. Dr. Shoelson worked and studied on inflammation processes on the body of a human being, which is closely associated to insulin resistance and diabetes. In 1990s a report was tracked down by a German doctor suggesting that a chemical with anti-inflammatory properties named as sodium salicylate may turn up in aiding diabetes and controlling the elevating blood sugar levels. However, the chemical is found very harsh and would result by irritating stomach. Salsalate is a near relative of this compound and performs the similar mechanism; the effects after consumption aren’t irritating.

Concerning the medicine and its performance on patients with type 2 diabetes, further more clinical trials are in focus to bring out the best of all and experience a healthy living.Generic drugs are the safe and secured medical solutions working their best in overcoming various health related concerns. The FDA (Food and drug administration) and various clinical approvals make it the safe treatments that are not only easy to consume but worth being taking.


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