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Lucky Group is one the metals recycling companies in Dubai which tries to reduce wastage of useful metals
Dubai, UAE, United Arab Emirates (pr4links.com) 31/08/2010

"Dubai Scrap Trading: Lucky group is the name among Dubai scrap companies which serves the copper, brass and aluminum recycling as well as scraps metals trading."

August 30, 2010 – Dubai has always been in news for building up new projects and as one of the biggest waste producers in the world. Every new project that is being built in the city brings along with it a large amount of waste. Hence people living in Dubai try out various ways to control the ever increasing amount of waste. It is not only residents who are taking in active steps but along with them many organizations are involved in reducing quantity of waste that is produced in the city. Measures taken by various organizations and people living in Dubai have helped in reducing amount of waste materials.

One of the important ways to reduce wastage is adapting to recycling methods. Many items that are used in factories and offices contain metals; such items should not be trashed away. Hence people make it a point to segregate waste materials as per their recyclable nature. Take for example aluminum cans; they are one of the best recyclable items. Aluminum is a very useful metal and it is important to reduce its wastage. Many reports have shown that when proper recycling measures are not put into use then a large number of aluminum is wasted. This is just one example, there are many other products which contain useful metals and should be recycled. There are a few companies which give importance to recycling and Lucky Group is one of them. The company has always given importance to save environment by recycling items containing valuable metals.

Lucky Group is a renowned name in the international metals industry which aims to provide quality metals to their clients in different parts of the world. Lucky Group has three companies namely Lucky Alloys, Lucky Recycling and Fortune Metals all the three companies are known for delivering quality products in a desired amount and on time.

To learn more about Lucky Recycling, visit: http://www.luckygroup.com/ also visit http://luckygroup.wordpress.com/

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Lucky group UAE having the divisions that are Lucky scrap recycling, Dubai Scrap Yards & alloy manufacturing also mainly engaged in scrap metal trading & alloy manufacturing.


Salman Shaban

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