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LocalBlox Gives Realtors a Head Start!

As a realtor you know you always have to be at least one step ahead of your competition.
Bellevue, WA, United States (pr4links.com) 03/06/2011
You’ve noticed that the steam rolling and the days of a good sales pitch are over You’ve heard too many No’s already and you know you need to reach a new buyer a client with a good credit rating, and sound financial conditions.

You’ve also noticed that personal, long term contacts seem to be the most valuable now, sooner or later almost everybody wants to move, whatever the reason. You are their friend! So where else would they turn to ask for help to buy a new home? They know you’ve got the contacts and the best offers for them. Why? Because they’ve known you for a long time personally. It works and you know that you have to build more and longer term contacts fast by any means available.

LocalBlox is one of the perfect means where you can get in contact with the people in your neighborhood. A very good start to build long term relationships! Take part in conversations on LocalBlox’s wall, give good advice (it’s free!), get to know your local community events, let them know you are always there to help and get a free ad on LocalBlox and be active in social media. It’s easy, free of cost and super effective!

All Social Media are a must for a local realtor agent and it’s essential for him/her. LocalBlox has therefore created social media solutions to build your presence and good reputation on Facebook & Twitter. Once established, you can use your social media profile as a reference to draw new customers, get recommendations and increase visibility on the web right away.

On the LocalBlox website is where friendly neighbors chat and where business men and women join in to make contacts. That’s why many local real estate agencies contribute on the wall of their own and surrounding neighborhoods to get to know people and be the first to know when somebody wants to move!

Shortly on LocalBlox there will be free widgets available on neighborhood social feeds for local real estate agency, bloggers and anyone else who is interested in local neighborhood content. Why not check out LocalBlox.com to leave a message on the Wall?

Adding the LocalBlox neighborhood information widgets will show you, the realtor, what locals are talking about, what their thoughts. These widgets will also enhance the content of your real estate website and you will be eligible for a higher ranking on Google

Plus, it makes your website or blog more interesting when people who are already seriously searching for a new home and also makes it possible for you to react faster to any new client’s queries than your competitor.

Nobody has time or money to lose these days, neither the realtor nor the clients – be in there first with the new realtor widgets for local real estate brokers from LocalBlox on http://www.localblox.com, it’s worth it!

LocalBlox.com is a social networking platform for local real estate agents that connect neighbors. Our goal is to help individuals connect to their local communities through our social networking solution and build a bridge between neighbors and their local communities.

The LocalBlox Team is always happy to personally help and give you a flying start! Contact us anytime at: help@localblox.com

Visit here for more Information : http://localblox.com/Amenities.aspx


LocalBlox.com is a social networking platform that connects neighbors. Our goal is to help individuals connect to their local communities and build a bridge between neighbors and their local communities. The company was co-founded by CEO, Sabira Arefin, and CTO, Ashfaq Rahman.


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