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Xtremepicks.com with Direct Global Media Initiates Coverage of Max Media Group (Pinksheets:MXMI)

Max Media Group (MXMI) is providing the next generation of social media (2.0 if you will) that can capitalize on the $ Billions in revenues generated– a unique solution with supercharged bonus features that can provide over 1,000% in potential gains.
Belize City, Belize, Belize (pr4links.com) 06/06/2011
Belize City, Belize, June 06, 2011 -- Xtremepicks.com gives shareholders valuable insight on their feature company, Max Media Group (mxmi). Visit xtremepicks.com to receive the FREE research report.

Article excerpt: “MXMI is providing the next generation of social media (2.0 if you will) that can capitalize on the $ Billions in revenues generated– a unique solution with supercharged bonus features that can provide over 1,000% in potential gains".

Investors can get direct and free access to today’s full report on Max Media Group at http://www.xtremepicks.com/reports/max-media

For any questions on MXMI research report, please contact Direct Global Media at contact@directglobalmedia.com

MXMI jumped out of the gates from Xtremepicks.com's alert at 3PM on Friday with 6.4 million shares traded and closing at $0.0229 up 30.11%.

Evolution is inevitable and it's here now with MXMI - think of Twitter on Steroids, YouTube with huge $$ potential - these are just the beginning of the mega opportunity in MXMI.

Many wish they can get on the ground floor investing in monsters like Facebook or Twitter - MXMI is presenting investors now with an opportunity to get in at the bottom with a potential for mega gains!

About MXMI group of Companies:
New media has enabled The Company to very quickly be able to offer all of their visitors Social Media tools. This will include but not be limited to the ability to operate clubs, and other group activities that are niche specific. Visitors can upload specific content to share in all media formats be it Text, Images, or Video. Think Twitter, but with the ability to have video and images and be niche specific.

Video & Podcasting: The wave of new media and technology has enabled marketers to monetize both video and audio (podcasting) on the web. The company is already video and Podcast enabled on many of our sites and plans on making this a core advertising revenue generator on all of our sites.

Radio: The Company is currently the lead sponsor of the Maximum Motoring Radio show. The show is broadcast throughout the Tampa Bay area on both 1340 and 1350 am and Little Rock AR 880 am every Wednesday morning at 10 am est. Max Mo is also simulcast on the web at www.maximummotoring.com past programs and interviews are also available on the site for free. The company currently has a letter of intent to purchase the show and its content to add to its advertising revenue business model. The company believes with a little capital the Maximum Motoring show can be syndicated nationally.

Print: The Company has plans to add print media, Magazines and newsletters to its core advertising revenue model.

MXMI predominately concentrates it's business in the social media but does not limit themselves here - with a wide array of other services, MXMI is becoming a power house in the online world:

MXMI aggregates content in high value specific niche markets. MXMI plans to research and target these high end demographic segments.

MXMI rich interactive publishing uses multiple revenue streams to be captured from these target markets

MXMI has an aggressive growth strategy to capture audience and revenue share through acquisitions and development of low cost of entry, rich interactive platforms in the highest valued advertising demographics. As the online information market grows, structured segmented information becomes increasingly valuable to specific markets. Publishing and community platforms also offer premium segments richer interactive experiences.
The sites in development are:

Hottravelweb.com, hothomeweb.com, hotrodweb.com, hotnewsweb.com, hotgunweb.com, hotbidweb.com, hotloanweb.com, hotescrowweb.com, hotwineweb.com, hotmusicweb.com, and hotprojectweb.com to name a few. It is the company’s intent to leverage and monetize all of their websites through content and affiliate marketing.

Max Media is an advertising company with a true global audience. Customers include individuals wanting to sell high ticket items. The company also sell advertising to mid and large size companies on their websites, radio programs, and our print media. The combining of sales force into one Media Company allows them to leverage economies of scale in both management and general office infrastructure.

Xtremepicks.com your trading connection and remember to always do your own research, use stop loss orders to protect yourself, and book your profits when in a position to do so.

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