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Fleet Specialisation-Cover 4 Fleet Insurance Investigate Future Fleet Trends

It has been predicted by fleet insurance and management specialists that between 2010 and 2020 there will be an increased concentration by organisations on their core activities.
Victoria, London, United Kingdom (pr4links.com) 10/06/2011
Victoria, London June 10, 2011 - Economically driven by the need to immerse their resources in core activities, companies will turn to fleet outsourcing options. Even in the case of fleet contract hire, there are case studies which are dramatic in the current economic environment.

Take the case study of Fraikin , which was originally established in France in 1944 and is today the biggest commercial fleet services specialist in Europe. In 1978 they set up Fraikin Ltd. in the UK, which has trebled its size over the last five years. When many other companies were struggling, they opened their facility which supports its contract hire, fleet management and rental customers, and this new facility is based in Coventry.

Companies like Fraikin take care of all servicing and maintenance, administration and documentation, leaving businesses like you free to focus on your core business.

When companies lean towards the complete fleet outsourcing option, they will look to engage with specialist companies with whom they can feel fully confident of transparency and full access of their fleet data as and when they require it. Technology must take into account the holistic fleet management needs of a progressive organisation, which intends to have full awareness of any fleet elements which affect the running and budgeting of the company fleet.

This approach and need for full access will apply at various levels, such as being able to keep an eye on drivers’ deliveries while also being able to properly analyse the performance of new fleet cars, fuel or any other element which contributes towards the decision making process.

Web technologies make the possibilities for accountability and tracking exciting, and the future of fleets being run in this manner will incorporate convenient methods of tracking the services and logistics of deliveries and collections.

The combination of smart phone capabilities and geo-location will encourage a significant increase in efficiency as well as accountability. Easy to integrate information, customisable data, user friendly graphics will also be part of the fleet management story.

There will be excellent levels of customisation available to enable this high performance level to be available to operations of all different sizes and resources. The combination of customisation, technology, accountability in far more user friendly formats, will lead in turn to a more fluid running and management style across fleets giving the ultimate in fleet specialisation.

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Cover 4 Fleet Insurance, is part of Alan Blunden Insurance Brokers, a family insurance business set up over sixty years ago.

As a family business which has expanded and grown successfully over the years, Cover 4 Fleet Insurance is very competitive when it comes to commercial fleet insurance. They have a dedicated team who will work on your behalf to find the best balance between the right cover and a low cost fleet insurance policy.


Cover4Fleet Insurance is part of Alan Blunden Insurance Brokers who has been serving insurance customers for over 60 years. It was set up as a family business and retains old school values in terms of level of customer service yet is very much a 21st century company when it comes to technology.


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