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Clipping Path India Takes the Initiative for Killing the HB Virus and Spreading Awareness

Bangladesh’s fight against the killer HB virus is now being tackled at a corporate level. Dhaka-based photo editing company, Clipping Path India has treated its 100 odd employees to HB vaccination. The initiative propels the awareness to the educated class of serviced employees through mass immunization to mitigate occurrence of medical conditions related to Hepatitis B.
London, London, United Kingdom (pr4links.com) 10/06/2011
Clipping Path India’s bulwark is its strong human resources. About a 100 odd employees work in Clipping Path India’s production site in Purana Paltan, Dhaka, Bangladesh. On the occasion of providing vaccination to the employees, the CEO Atiqur Rahman based in the UK head quarters said, “We respect the work that our employees do. Some of them work round the clock and also neglect their health. We feel it is our responsibility to take care of our people.”

Hepatitis B has been a silent killer in Bangladesh where 12% of the population is infected. Hepatitis B is strong version of jaundice and it can be spread very easily if precautions are not taken, it can happen if a family member has it. The virus can infect the liver and also spread sexually or if the blood stream is open and prone to infection. 3.5 percent of the pregnant mothers are affected by hepatitis B. The vaccination drive and awareness exercise should now be an eye opener. When big organizations take part in such medical initiatives, it will also reduce the burden on individuals, as the process is expensive. The process of immunization is in 4 steps. And the first step is over. To execute the rest of the phase, it shall take a year.

Clipping Path India understands the need to help the government to control the cases of patients dying from it. Hence, as part of the social initiative and responsibility the company has taken to immunize the staff as a precautionary measure with the costly vaccination. On 29th May 2011, all the 100 staff members received the benefit of being free from the disease by the company free of cost. The company decided to spend USD 4,500 to ensure that their staffs, which are like their family members, are well looked after. With assistance of a private clinic the drive was launched with it 100 employees. The company is also involved in the medical treatment of one of its employees who has become a victim of Hepatitis B. Soon to be launched, the non-profit division of the offshore post processing company extends its social services to other areas that will make a difference in living conditions for its local staff.

Clipping path India stands to its commitment to making a healthy Bangladesh. Its management endeavours to share its corporate social responsibility to make the country’s citizens more healthy and fit. The premiere graphic industry offshore giant based in UK is a service provider to worldwide needs of post photo processing. Mr. Atiqur Rahman reiterates, “This is just one of the many initiatives that we have taken as an awareness that can be spread through our vaccination drive. I do hope others will also come forward and help the nation to be free of this lethal disease. We shall follow up with the year long program to ensure that we have a safe zone for our employees.”

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