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“Speak like a President” contest – An epic win for the most talented

The winners of Audio4fun.com’s video contest have not only won some wonderful prizes, but they’ve also won people’s hearts with their unquestionable talents.
Ho Chi Minh City, HCMC, Vietnam (pr4links.com) 25/07/2011
Audio4fun.com “Speak like a President” video contest has gone through a dramatic voting stage with many interesting twists and turns. The two winners have been announced; however, it was the close race during the final voting stage that made the contest thrilling, not to mention the excellent videos created by all of the contestants. The finalist video clips are still available for watching at http://www.facebook.com/audio4fun.community
“Speak like a President” is a video contest to celebrate the US’s Independence Day sponsored by Audio4fun.com. From the very beginning, the event has received a lot of interest from people around the world. 30 videos were submitted; to ensure the quality of the event, eleven finalists were chosen by Audio4fun’s staff to go into the voting stage.
For this first contest, “Speak like a President”, Audio4fun decided to have two top prizes awarded. One was set to be selected by the viewers, just like a presidential election in real life. This ‘election’ was done through the 6-day-long voting stage, based on the number of votes for each finalist video. This prize was called the “Most Favorite President”. The other winner was selected by Audio4fun’s judges, based on certain criteria regarding the acting skills; the sequence of the video’s script and the speech made by the contestants, and was named the “President Twin Choice” prize.
For the first couple of days of the voting phase, one of the finalist videos kept the leading position most of the time - it was the video made by M. Hickey. But as the final days of the voting phase arrived, a race among three finalist videos occurred: the video by M. Hickey, the video by J. Reedy, and the video by A. Koss. The voting numbers of these three videos were not only much higher than the votes for the other clips, but they also competed with one another.
“There were times when we had just hit the Share button on our Facebook wall to update the top 3 video votes, the number changed, so did the order of the videos in the vote list,” said Tracy Nguyen, Brand Manager for Audio4fun.com. During the last hours of the voting time, it came down to a close race between M. Hickey and J. Reedy; of course neither wanted to lose the race, and it was down to the last minute before we could assure who had won the prize.” J. Reedy was the winner of the “Most Favorite President” with 275 votes for his video, 9 votes surpassing the vote for M. Hickey’s video.
“The race was exciting. We checked the vote number each five minutes; we couldn’t take our minds off of the contest neither at night nor on weekends. There was always someone who was assigned to follow the contest in real time,” Ms. Nguyen continued commenting on the actual progress of the contest, “We were fluttering when the leader changed as if we were the contestants ourselves.”
As for the other prize in the contest, the “President Twin Choice” prize, Audio4fun’s judges had a difficult time choosing among the four candidate videos. “The videos were so amazing that we couldn’t decide which one was better. Some had a very well connected script, some had very excellent acting and costume, and some blew us away with exotically funny speeches. We had to make a list of criteria, examine each video base on it, and then make a strict evaluation for each video. It was a very hard decision for us,” said Ms. Nguyen. The final winner of the ‘President Twin Choice” prize was B. Jones-Cooper, who was the only female finalist. She created a striking resemblance to the First Lady Michelle Obama in her video and made a very hilarious speech as well. The prize was announced two days later than the other one.
“This is the first video contest we’ve ever held. We are extremely happy with the results. We are looking forward to holding more events like this to keep a creative space for our fans in which they can have fun and enjoy exciting moments,” said Ms. Nguyen.
Besides the iPad 2 and a VIP card for each winner, Audio4fun also gave away their voice master tool, AV Voice Changer Software, to 50 lucky fans who had cast a vote. The updates related to the contest, as well as all the finalist videos, are available for viewing on Audio4fun’s Facebook page. And to find out if Audio4fun is holding any special event in the future, follow their Facebook page at www.facebook.com/audio4fun.community


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