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Mark Twain Casino Not Responsible For Increased Gambling Problems

The reports of Mark Twain Casino being responsible for Mark Twain Casino Not Increased Gambling Problems have been rubbished by a spokesman for the chapter of Gamblers Anonymous in Quincy.
Porto, Porto, Portugal (pr4links.com) 09/08/2011
A spokesman for the Gamblers Anonymous in Quincy has released a statement that the decade old Mark Twain Casino Not Increased Gambling Problems. Recently, there were claims of a massive increase in the number of people needing assistance with gambling problems, associated with the Mark Twain establishment. Reports from Gamblers Anonymous reveal that there was an initial increase in calls to the organization when the Mark Twain Casino opened, but it gradually reduced to a very low level. The Mark Twain casino establishment claims that contrary to the accusation of having been a bad influence on the town, it has worked for the benefit of local and state governmental entities. Unlike online casino, it has created jobs, brought in revenue to the town of LaGrange in addition to paying out millions in gaming, real estate, personal and property taxes.

Occasionally, there have been reports of people with good jobs and life going broke and ruined, due to their continued gambling addiction. The Gamblers Anonymous provides support for such compulsive gamblers through a platform through which they can communicate with others who are in a similar situation. Working on the lines of AA, it functions through the fellowship of members, who share their experience, strength and inspiration with each other and in the process helps solve their common gambling problem. The only goal of the organization is to help people stop compulsive gambling which when not controlled can lead to loss of jobs, diminished social life, financial crisis, prison, insanity and death.

Since time immemorial, gambling has been a favorite pastime for people all around the world. Every place has its own versions of gambling houses and casinos, which attracts players who are interested in entertainment and also those who are looking for fun and some quick bucks. The latest craze in gambling has been online casinos, which saves time and travel expenses for a casino lover. The convenience in accessing the games anytime from anywhere has led to a considerable increase in the number of casino players. Online casinos also allow the players to join and play for free, in order to gain experience and learn gambling tricks, before venturing into real time betting. For a few gamblers, the illusion of making a big profit through gambling becomes an obsession, leading to gambling related problems. Bad checks and domestic violence are the two most common problems associated with compulsive gamblers. Safe and controlled gambling can be fun, but when it starts to take over the normal life of an individual, it becomes dangerous, leading to violence and even crime at times. The Mark Twain Casino has been accused of being the connected with such gambling related conditions of players.

There are numerous websites providing the latest unbiased news on casinos and their functioning for free. They provide the latest local, regional and international news about casinos and the gaming industry and also impart information about promotional offers. They also offer updates on casino guidelines and news to players. It makes sense for those interested in casinos to stay informed and keep themselves updated with the latest news in the gambling world, so that they can take precautions while playing. The truth behind statements like, Mark Twain Casino Not Increased Gambling Problems can be verified through news released on unbiased and trusted online casino news sites.


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