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Local Social Media and Local Marketing for Small Business

The Local Social Media Package can build your business presence and reputation on prominent social network sites like Facebook and Twitter.
Bellevue, WA, United States (pr4links.com) 12/08/2011
For entrepreneurs who are just starting out, unlocking the secrets to maximizing local marketing for small business can be a real challenge. Fortunately there is a solution, by utilizing the services of a powerful advertizing system known as LocalBlox, new owners can now reach out to their neighbors and break into the local social network for a low cost, but generating large results.

How it works is pretty straightforward, small businesses owners can send free ads through LocalBlox to market their products or services to their local neighbors and communities. This makes the best use of social media for small business owners and most of all, it’s free. With access to over 22 million potential customers in 50,000 neighborhoods online, LocalBlox has the resources to build your dreams right from the start.

LocalBlox also works in mobile marketing for small business owners by creating mobile ads displayed at certain times when a potential customer is driving by that will feature your business for free. Take for example if you owned a diner and people are getting off work. Your ad would appear on the mobile device of a target customer who is driving by. The ad can feature a special or perhaps be a part of a larger effort involving numerous businesses that promote dining at certain times of the day.

The same type of ad can be done for any type of business and appear at the most advantageous times to the customers you want to target. As millions of people use Ipods and other similar devices to not only communicate, but get daily information on the latest news, weather, sports and other kinds of information. Mobile marketing has become the new frontier for advertizing businesses big or small across the country.

Advertizing in the newspapers and creating discount coupons can be an expensive process yielding minimal results. Worst of all you cannot target your advertizing to the best possible field of potential customers. However, by tapping into your local social network purchasing banner ads on the LocalBlox site, you can target your audience better and get results that are more effective for a much lower cost.

You may be new to the ways of best using the social media for small business marketing, such efforts can be time consuming and your “trial and error” approach may produce more “error” if you are just entering the world of social media. So LocalBlox has built a Social Media Package that you can use and tailor for your needs and get the best results.

The Local Social Media Package can build your business presence and reputation on prominent social network sites like Facebook and Twitter. And once they know who you are, you can then use your newfound status to increase you visibility, get comments to help tailor your business and draw in new customers.

From free ads to feature your business for free to helping develop your advertising strategy for any business big or small, LocalBlox works for you to help get you the best results.

Local marketing for small business has just gotten far easier thanks to LocalBlox, the most effective, cost efficient way to utilize social, internet, and the mobile market for small business.

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LocalBlox.com is a social networking platform that connects neighbors. Our goal is to help individuals connect to their local communities and build a bridge between neighbors and their local communities. The company was co-founded by CEO, Sabira Arefin, and CTO, Ashfaq Rahman.


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