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Advan wheels: Choose the most efficient and Stylish Wheels on the Road

Advan Wheels have continued to push the limit in lightweight wheel technology.
Gilbert, AZ, United States (pr4links.com) 20/08/2011
Advan Wheels have continued to push the limit in lightweight wheel technology. Vividracing.com has always provided top notch quality and highly efficient products which have weaved a web of magic throughout the automotive world. They have a wide range of high performance wheels suited to every need. In total, they provide 14 different varieties of wheels. The ADVAN Kreutzer Series Vi series of wheels are a high-quality, one-piece wheel with Under Ring and a solid 5-spoke design. With immaculate design and engineering they have succeeded in providing the best wheels currently available in market. The high quality casting methods with flow-forming production techniques, results in a lightweight and very still inner rim. The finishing is flawless and the traditional 5-Spoke Design is made with unique casting techniques. Vividracing.com provides great choice in color, design and style without compromising on quality and performance.

Recent casting techniques for the 10-Spoke design allow a whole new level of finish detail. The balance and dynamics provided by the new 10-Spoke Design is amazing. The 100% Aluminum center cap promises excellent service and great reliability. The Advan F15 is a beautifully designed 15-spoke forged wheel that utilizes groundbreaking technological advancements. The 4 mold form forging process used by Advan produces stronger wheels, allowing them to pursue thin designs that were once impossible. Each wheel is molded into shape under 8000 tons of pressure to create a high density forged wheel.

The RZ-DF wheels are available in Racing Hyper Silver/Machining Lip, Platinum Silver/Machining Lip, and Flat Black. Advan Racing's RGII has MAT Rim, is lightweight and tough. The wheels are suited to provide speed, efficiency and balance. Vividracing.com provides a great choice in size of the wheels.

AVS Model F7 has the strength and lightweight characteristics of a FORGED rim with the new forging formation techniques. The center caps in these wheels are machined with precision and feature dark cobalt lettering. In short, Vividracing.com provides light weight and durable performance alloy wheels which come with different colors, wheel size, bolt pattern and offset. High quality and superior performance are the common qualities which can be seen in all the offerings from Vividracing.com

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If you'd like more information on Advan wheels and wedssport wheels, please call us at 1866 448 4843 or visit http://www.vividracing.com/catalog/wheels-advan-c-6424_4542_4544.html and http://www.vividracing.com


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