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Let’s Share - A Hot New Universal App for the IPhone from Noor Mobile Apps

This new iPhone application from Noor Mobile Apps helps users share secrets with random people, who they don’t know. If you want to get something off your chest, this app will help you do it.
Manama, Seef Area, Bahrain (pr4links.com) 25/08/2011
Manama, Bahrain (24-08-11): Sticking to its tradition of releasing apps that make a difference to the lives of their users, Noor Mobile Apps releases ‘Let’s Share’. It’s an application that allows its users to let off steam, get some respite from their pent up frustration or even share their fears, doubts and insecurities. And all this in a manner that is innovative and secretive.

Noor Mobile Apps is a company that has a mission. It releases only those applications that are not only fun to use and highly efficient, but also serve a certain purpose. With its unique concept and the fact that its aim is to offer a certain kind of psychological benefit to the user, ‘Let’s share’ is a new and deserving feather in their cap. This application is perfect in all respects and works seamlessly on the iPhone. This app ensures that it leverages all the various features of the iPhone to offer maximum functionality.

Modern lifestyle comes with its share of stress, irritation, insecurities and various other problems that one finds difficult to rid. These problems are compounded by the fact that a person cannot share certain problems with everybody. This is where Let’s Share comes in to help save the day. It helps you share your secrets with people you don’t know. You can let out your frustrations or anger anonymously. You know your messages are reaching somebody, but you don’t know who. Even the recipients don’t know who the messages are from.

Key Features:
* A one-of-a-kind application that helps you let out your frustration
* Share your secrets with people you don’t know
* With a single touch send a message to 3 random users
* Easy-to-use features with a rich interactive UI
* A quick and satisfying way of unburdening your worries
There is no doubt that this app is a perfect stress buster and that too in a whole new way. It helps remove stress by helping you share it with people you don’t know. This is great news for those people who aren’t comfortable with sharing certain personal information with people they know. With the help of this application, such people can share the information they want to, with perfectly random people.

With this App, Noor Mobile Apps has set new benchmarks for releasing creative apps that go a long way in making a difference, however small, in the lives of those using this app. Let’s Share is an app that revolves around a wholly unique concept, which is definitely addictive. You absolutely need to try this app to experience its uniqueness and also its liberating nature.

Download it at http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/lets-share/id449811194?mt=8

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