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One Of The Leading Drug Rehab Centers Launches Gender Specific Programs

Florida House, one of the best-known drug rehab centers in the US, starts programs specially meant for women.
Deerfield Beach, FL, United States (pr4links.com) 30/08/2011
Florida House of Deerfield Beach has today emerged as one of the leading drug rehab centers in the United States. This addiction treatment Florida center has recently launched programs that are specifically aimed at women. Mark Kline, the CEO of Florida House says that, though there are fifteen thousand plus treatment and drug rehab centers, rarely do we find one that is gender specific. Florida House aims to fill this gap. He points out that, women often have unique problems that need to be specially targeted and only a center that offers gender specific programs can do a good job.

Florida House has been offering drug and alcohol rehab programs for men and now they have added a specific program for women. Specialized programs you will find here include Dual Diagnosis, the Family Outreach Program, the Professionals Program, Alumni and Aftercare, and the Gender-Specific Program. Each of these programs can be tailor-made to suit the needs of a particular individual. Experts here agree that a one-solution-for-all approach never really works. Every person is different and it is first necessary to evaluate a case before experts can recommend the right treatment. This is the key reason why Florida House is today among the leading drug rehab centers. Caregivers here ensure that each person is completely cured before he or she can join the mainstream society. Once cured, a person is ready to take on the world and do normal work, just like anybody else.

Alcohol addiction and drug addiction have become a major cause for worry in the United States. Authorities in Florida and elsewhere have been trying to fight this menace for many years now and there have been a few success stories. Drug cartels have been broken. Peddlers have been penalized. Much more needs to be done, as it is still a major threat. Alcoholism and drug addiction are threatening to break the social fabric of America. Naturally, this has made everyone worried. Florida House is trying to do its bit to solve this problem. They have come up with a new and unique Florida addiction treatment methodology. The good news is that, it seems to be working.

Most drug rehab centers follow a 28-day treatment method. Statistics however tells us that, this model is not very effective. Often, people who are said to be completely cured revert back to their old habits, once they are out from the center. Addiction is treated as a disease at Florida House. All aspects of the problem are looked into. The problems are all treated individually. Special emphasis is given to the family system. This stable and long term addiction treatment Florida House is the reason behind its success.

About Florida House: Florida House is today among the leading drug rehab centers in the US. They follow a unique approach in treating alcohol and drug addiction. Florida House is CARF accredited, and offers gender specific programs. Please visit www.floridahouseexperience.com for more information.


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