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Details of the different types of rubber material available for use inside industrial pinch valves, including design, application uses and construction.
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"Replaceable Sleeves for Pinch Valves can provide an uninterrupted flow line of fluid, from the initial reservoir to the dispensing point."

Durable and Reliable Control

There are a variety of Sleeves for Pinch Valves, some particularly adaptable for use in operations relating to the control of fluids with relatively low viscosity. The pinch valve is high performing and can operate at high speed, but at the same time maintains a precise control. This valve system fulfills a specific requirement for applications within industries using equipment for dyeing patterns in textile material such as carpets with liquid dye steams.

Crucial parts of the valves' construction are various forms of Sleeves for Pinch Valves with a plunger and a “pinching” component. Accomplishment of this action is by using a designated surface, located in a general position opposite the pinching component. This enables compression of the elastomer sleeve or tube inside the pinch valve between the pinching component and the designated surface. This provides a method of control over the processing product flow through the sleeve or tube.

In certain applications, such as medical and specialized industries, there is a huge benefit in the use of disposable fluid path components, in some instances, relative to the potential contamination of a processing material. Replaceable Sleeves for Pinch Valves can provide an uninterrupted flow line of fluid, from the initial reservoir to the dispensing point. By use of this method, the fluid remains untouched until the dispensing action occurs, with a definite advantage of the prevention against the risk of potentially contaminating particles.

Maximum Service with Minimum Downtime

A specialized and product compatible Sleeve for Pinch Valves will provide users with more durable reliable and longer effective valve service with the minimum of downtime. Changing the elastomer sleeve or tube onsite is easy and quick and without the necessity of “cleaning” the valve. This is a system giving a high level of performance, and is an especially efficient component in dispensing a variety of materials, including those with a short-term distribution life.

The processing of aggressive or extra pure fluids is using particular Sleeves for Pinch Valves using a composition based on silicone. The innovative versatility of the valve permits the processing of fluids in determined and different directions, by a specifically designed casing. Although production of the sleeves involves usage of various compositions of materials, their suitability for an application will depend on the nature of the processing product.

Various forms of Sleeves for Pinch Valves perform in a great number and variety of industries, in many applications related to the controlling of material, liquid or fluid product flows. They have a capacity for operating in areas, where it is necessary to dissipate excess energy from a reservoir outlet. A normal aspect of service for them is in circumstances where there are high-pressure reductions, whereby Sleeves for Pinch Valves can be medium for releasing, or discharging into the atmosphere, or even to a submerged outlet, such as underwater.

In situations where lower than normal reductions in pressure are required, for example in controlling a pump, Sleeves for Pinch Valves are available to users for specialized applications. Because a pinch valve has a near linear flow characteristic, loss of energy in minimized by having reduced cycle periods. At the same time, the action produces a reduction in operational costs during the lifetime of the valve.

A leading manufacturer of Sleeves for Pinch Valves is AKO Armaturen, based in Germany, with production facilities in France and the United Kingdom. Monitoring of the constant high quality production of valves and other products, with regular certification in accordance with TUEV and DIN ISO 9001:2008 is regularly undertaken.
AKO provide representation with agencies in 24 countries and is able to furnish customers with valves, associated products and their spare parts extremely efficiently to different parts of the world.


AKO UK Ltd has been established since 1998 and distributing their leading product, the Pinch Valve, into industrial markets and industries with great success.


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