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New San Diego Personal Training & Boxing Boot Camp Shows Women How To Burn 900% Fat Within No TimeFeatured PR

San Diego Moms wanting to burn 900% more fat in a fraction of the normal time can do so by attending personal training and boxing boot camps at Busy Moms Fitness, serving the Encinitas, Diego
Solana Beach, CA, United States (pr4links.com) 31/10/2011
This release is to announce the launch of Busy Moms fitness’s personal training and boxing boot camps, a fun new way for women to get fit and lose the last 10 lbs while tightening and toning problem areas.

Operating in Solana Beach & San Diego, the training group serves the personal fitness needs of moms and busy women and provides Mommy Makeovers, 60 day beach body transformations, boxing boot camps and group personal training to women wanting to lose their baby belly, tone and tighten their thighs and midsection and get strong, chiseled arms. Nutrition coaching and corporate training camps are also offered.

The philosophy behind Busy Moms Fitness is a 3 Step System developed by founder and professional fitness trainer Rob Gordon that starts with doing the opposite. “Typically, most moms work way too hard for way too little results.” says Rob.

Over the last 15 years, Rob watched hundreds of women struggle to lose the last 10 – 20 lbs using conventional dieting, deprivation, and outdated workout techniques like long cardio workouts and hour long boot camps ( http://busymomsfitness.org/ ) that left women feeling guilty about their bodies. He created ‘Smart Training’ and Busy Moms Fitness as a fast & fun way to lose weight without dieting and deprivation while hanging out with friends.

“We wanted to fill a much-needed niche in the fitness and weight loss community by providing moms a special, personal training program that transforms their bodies in 60 days through exercises and simple “non diet” nutrition principles while giving them a place to hang out with like minded women with similar goals.

We’ve found the biggest mistakes busy moms make are doing normal workouts that won’t help them lose the last 10 lbs or the baby belly. Most people don’t know the advanced research that makes it simple to reach their fat loss goals or have the right motivation. We provide both. We want moms to know they can get in better shape now than ever before. When it comes to results, 30 minutes in our gym is like 3 hours everywhere else,” says Rob.

For More information call 888-666-0559 or contact online at info@busymomsfitness.org, http://busymomsfitness.org/.



Busy Moms Fitness was founded in 2011 as the new, scientific way for moms to burn 900% more fat in a fraction of the time than long, slow cardio workouts. Created as a solution to the typical problems busy moms face like lack of time and energy, professional trainer Rob G. travelled the world to discover the best way for women to get fit. He combined what he learned with the most advanced fat burning research to give busy moms a simple 3-step plan to transform their bodies in 60 days.


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