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New Micro-Documentary Reveals Mexico's Plans for a Monetary Revolution. Politicians in Mexico debating whether or not to back the peso with silver. This could be a major turn of events will have global implications.
Santa Clara, CA, United States (pr4links.com) 17/07/2014
New Micro-Documentary Reveals Mexico's Plans for a Monetary Revolution.

New Video: Silver's Monetary Rise

Politicians in Mexico are debating whether or not to back the peso with silver. This could be a major turn of events that will have global implications.

The implications get bigger when you consider that Mexico has the world's 14th largest economy (10th largest by purchasing power parity). You see, a return to the Silver Standard could rapidly transform Mexico into the world's next big financial player.

FutureMoneyTrends.com is forecasting a sudden outbreak of sane monetary policy around the world as soon as Mexico backs there currency with silver, or China, Russia, or another nation backs there currency with gold.

For silver, besides the Mexico potential, there are other significant structural reasons why silver is today's top investment play… including demand stressors such as:

- A smaller above ground available supply then there is gold

- New, cutting-edge, high-tech uses for silver.

- Savers, burned by a huge food and energy price inflation, now look set to flock to precious metals.

- Global supply shortages in silver have been present for 65 of out of 68 years.

But, the real black swan play today is the potential for a new and sudden Mexican monetary revolution… one that could send silver soaring in the hundreds of dollars per ounce.

The leader of the Silver Standard movement in Mexico is a multi-billionaire named Hugo Salinas Price. At this very moment, according to Salinas Price, most all of Mexico's Congressman favor monetizing silver.

Take just three or four men out of the "anti" group, according to Salinas Price, and "We would practically get a unanimous yes vote, practically unanimous in both houses." The shock waves would spiral outward from Mexicoand the US would be first to feel it.

That's why you need to take seriously headlines that scream, "Mexico May Monetize Silver This Year."

… regular Americans have already started to take notice… The U.S. Mint had to close down annual sales of Silver Eagles three weeks early last year. They ran out!

A silver shortage is crazy to imagine when you consider that silver output has more than doubled since the early 1990s in places like Mexico, Australia, and Peru and have exploded in places like China.

Overall, the world's total silver mining production has increased from 400 million ounces in the early 1990s to about 700 million ounces today. But despite a sharp increase to supplies, the global demand for silver is far outpacing global production.

In fact global silver production has been unable to meet global demand for more than fifteen years. In 2010, global silver demand exceed 1.05 billion ounces but global mining only provided about 700 million ounces.

It's a fundamental truth - when demand far outstrips supply the price of silver must soar.

To help prepare Americans for the death of the dollar, the President of FutureMoneyTrends.com has offered to give everyone who visits his membership area this week a free 1 ounce silver coin. In addition to that, a short report on the top three silver investments will also be available, free of charge.

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