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Dr Martens- it’s your choice that decides

Dr Martens is a best brand to exhibit your style and fashion and you will find your mind thrilling collections here at a cost that is quite worth.
London, NY, United States (pr4links.com) 18/10/2010
The time when shoes are only to protect your foot has gone, long time back. Now it’s a symbol of fashion, trend, and your style and has become a part of your personality itself. Is a right, my friend? When things come to your costumes, shoes or footwear’s do have something more to do. In fact it is an essential asset for a complete make up of either males or females. Shoes of pure black and brown has outdated now or they have become important only too few executive people. Now, shoes come in different mind blowing colors and fashion that we could no longer cling on to that old leathery grey looking shoes.

Quality of a shoe is determined by several things. One is their brand. Once we hear or see a branded show, we expect something out of that. Therefore when we hear of the brand of Dr. Martens, we know that it will possess something unique and odd. Here the insoles are made of high quality paper board of cellulosic paper or even by synthetic insole board which are non woven. There are attached as well as removable insoles available.

When we look into the marketing or the business side, Dr Martens shoe brand is very strongly entrenched to a traditional British era. The western culture and fashion has influenced the brand a lot that it still owns a unique place in the international footwear industry. Dr Martens had its birth in the year of 1960’s and is still continuing to be the leading company of the industry. It is very popular among both the youngsters as well as the old gentle men of the time.

When we go through its development and progress, we can see that it has its origin through an alliance between a Northampton based British footwear manufactures and the German entrepreneur and Inventor, Dr Martens. They have mold footwear’s in a varying style that it out looked many others of the industry. They exhibited a hard boot with a gentle look and soft sole made of Eva or latex so that it was cent percent suitable for a good personality.

Insoles were made out of air sockets so as to ensure more smoothening effect and comfort. Out soles were either of leather or rubber or even of artificial polyurethane. Heel was mostly made of rubber plate for giving an effect of traction and durability while the front portion was mainly made of leather. Dr Marten’s shoes are available in several colors of which the most supreme is of cherry color, black and oxblood color. Dr. Martens will keep you branded and will promote your best fashion and footwear style in you.

For more info: http://www.legendfootwear.co.uk/dr-martens.html

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