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The FBO – Triumphantly Launched its Brand Online with Incredible Promise and AnticipationPremium PR

The launch of the FBO opens doors to a new revolution in business optimization and promotion on Facebook integrated with superlative SMO (Social Media Optimization) techniques thus generating constructive leads to your brand.
Nagercoil, Tamil Nadu, India (pr4links.com) 20/10/2010
The FBO ((http://www.thefbo.com/)Facebook Optimization) will be the next best thing to the SEO wherein it connects the best of both worlds (SEO and Facebook optimization) and with this cumulative effort the team of experienced and talented individuals at the FBO will put together one of the most expedient business promotion strategies to entrepreneurs new and old.

“We have gathered a couple of tried and successfully tested SMO techniques and blend it well with the promising reach of Facebook to its audience in bringing to you the final recipe of success when it comes to impinging your brand identity well amongst the millions that are registered in this immensely towering social networking site,” exclaims Divya Fernando, FBO Operations Manager.

While commenting on the benefits of their service as opposed to its contemporaries Geno, FB Optimization Strategist explains, “The inception of the FBO has deeply rooted from the expertise gained in the field of SMO technology with 6+ experience to our credit, we have devised the perfect plan to immerse the victorious SMO strategies into the ‘talk of the town’ and the undoubted Numero Uno networking site Facebook. It is a profitable compilation of services that would not only help you create a (http://www.thefbo.com/facebook-fansite.aspx)lucrative Facebook Fanpage but also maintain it in a way that is pre-requisite to attain maximum ‘Like’ followers (aka fans) to your Fanpage.”

The FBO Manager Jenin Alex has closely watched the buzz that SMO has created throughout the years of its dominion and devised advantageous stratagem to add this productivity to (http://www.thefbo.com/)Facebook optimization and promotional tactics and are proud to be the pioneer of such a project that is sure to involve active participation from the 500 million current active users on Facebook.

He says, “To all the entrepreneurs out there who hardly find the time to get updated on what’s new and what’s productive when it comes to internet marketing, you can now stop worrying and leave all the hard work to us, where we offer you state-of-the-art innovative and trendy solutions to promote and build your brand and also offer discounted introductory rates for the same.”

Noah, the Content Researcher and Keyword Expert shares, “Nothing we do here is automated or software-based, it is 100% experienced professionals with vast expertise in the SMO field that give the quintessential human touch to your Facebook Business venture.”

Reshmi, Content Researcher at FBO, finally concludes, “You invest a lot in ads that you don’t even know where they eventually end up, with minimal investment on the plan we chalk out for you, you would finally realize that it doesn’t really take aggressive marketing but smart analysis and relationship-building techniques to keep the flow of customers constant and consistent and of high quality, nevertheless”

About TheFBO. com:

The FBO is an exclusive Facebook business promotion package that breaks the outdated trend of conventional Web 2.0 marketing strategies and emerges with customer-relationship-building oriented goals for consistent and long term fulfillment of brand building and business promotions and optimization on the king of social networking site Facebook.



Facebook Promotion and optimization service provider. Promoting businesses with white hat strategies on Facebook is made possible through The FBO. Daily wall updates, facebook posts, facebook fansite creation and customization, facebook ecommerce promotion are some of the best services offered


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