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First it was skateboards. Then it was roller skates, which was followed by the BMX craze. Now the new craze to hit the streets is Stunt Scooters. Kids of all ages are hitting the streets and skate parks performing electrifying stunts on these new hybrid skateboard / scooters.
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Anyone with kids these days will know that a scooter is the must have toy in the 21st century. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes, not to mention a wide selection of colours and designs. Whilst children and teenagers love them, for the parents it can be a total minefield and potential disaster area attempting to work out which scooter will be suitable, at the right price, and stand the test of time. A brand new Stunt Scooters website is here and ready to help, making sure you are fully equipped to buy a scooter that your son or daughter will think is totally awesome rather than embarrassing to be seen on!

Take a visit to stuntscooters.co.uk and you will find the latest information on a wide range of scooter brands including the massively popular Slamm Scooters, Madd Gear and JD Bug to name just few. The site includes pages to help you understand what makes a great stunt scooter, how to be safe on a scooter, and you can even learn how to do some of the tricks and stunts you see performed in the skate parks.

Scooters for kids have become increasingly popular over the last decade, perhaps because they are a great way to encourage children to get off the sofa and out into the fresh air for a little bit of exercise. Indeed, using a scooter can burn off a good deal of calories but will also help your child to improve balance and co-ordination. Scooters these days can be used from the age of around 3 years old and there really is no upper age limit so learning to perfect the art of riding one at an early age can bring you fun and enjoyment for many years ahead.

The Slamm Rage II is one of the more sought after scooters for stunt riding out on the market today and comes in an ever changing range of tempting designs. At http://www.stuntscooters.co.uk you will get tips on how to get your hands on this model before it goes out of stock which is great news if you are after one of their limited editions.

In our less than sunny country we are beginning to find many indoor skate parks opening up, meaning riders can enjoy the slopes and ramps all year around. At this website you can also find out about the skate parks near to you and understand what tricks you can do on each type of equipment you might expect to find there.



Stunt Scooters is a great resource on Stunt Scooters and kids Scooter Products, Stunts & Tricks, UK Skate Parks and other stunt scooter information, including comparison tables of the different scooter models.


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