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WIDSIX Announces: Nadia Samer Added to the WIDSIX Pro TeamFeatured PR

WIDSIX is proud to announce Nadia Samer has been added to the WIDSIX Pro Team of sponsored athletes. WIDSIX has signed Samer on to the team and will launch a new website and videos for the athlete of freeskiing and snowmobiling fame.
Phoenix, AZ, United States (pr4links.com) 12/03/2012
WIDSIX is in the business of working with professional athletes to help them create unique digital products to help them distinguish themselves in the crowded sports world. After growing in popularity worldwide, Nadia Samer signed on with WIDSIX to get the central hub she and her fans needed. By providing a custom website for athletes, WIDSIX makes it easier for fans to get the information they need about their favorite athlete.

"Nadia and I started talking about working together on her project(s) and it didn't take long for me to sign her on to the team. We are excited to have Nadia on board and look forward to dropping sick edits from her massive collection of sled (snowmobile) footage", said Roope, President of WIDSIX. "We are proud to have Nadia on the team and will continue to help her promote all of her projects moving forward."

By designing and custom graphics to boost the image of Samer over the digital media, WIDSIX will help empower her to connect with fans in a central location. The new site will tie in an integrated blog, twitter feed, and youtube feed to give fans an easy way to find information about the sports star and keep up on news and video releases.

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