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Your Trusted Checklist for Moving Abroad with RobinsonsFeatured PR

Pack up and head out to your new life with Robinsons removals company who have come up with a detailed checklist to keep you organised through your big more abroad.
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Pack up and head out to your new life with Robinsons removals company who have come up with a detailed checklist to keep you organised through your big more abroad.

With the current recession in a bit of a pickle, many Brits are packing up, leaving the mess behind and starting again abroad. While this all sounds like a fabulous idea many people don’t realise how much is involved when it comes a big overseas move. It isn’t all plain sailing and often things are forgotten, which can be a disaster.

And Robinsons keep a keen eye on what is going on in the emigration world and know exactly what they are talking about when it comes to moving abroad, wherever your destination may be.

From Italy to New Zealand, international movers are never left in the dark as Robinsons overseas removals company have all the information you need to make your move fast and efficient.

The Big Countdown to moving day

When you are looking to move home there is always an endless list of things to do and organise.

To make sure you don’t miss a thing, Robinsons have come up with a list for you to stick by up to 6 weeks before moving.

Keep it in a safe place, abide by it and you can’t go far wrong!

5-6 weeks before moving

• Check that your passports and visas are valid
• Check whether any permits are required e.g. for residency, work or vehicles
• Check your travel documents and tickets
• Collate all your personal documents e.g. birth certificates, marriage certificates and medical records
• Advise your solicitor, bank, doctor, dentist, insurance company, building society
• Cancel subscriptions to clubs and magazines
• Notify Schools

3-4 weeks before moving

• Complete the Robinsons insurance form
• Dispose of the items you don't want to take
• Supply a contact number in the UK for after you have moved
• Supply your overseas contact address and phone number
• Ask for final accounts for gas, water and electricity
• Complete all outstanding credit agreements
• Cancel all rental agreements
• Run down stocks of food and drink
• Confirm your removal date with Robinsons

1-2 weeks before moving abroad

• Arrange for mail to be forwarded
• Clean garden tools, bicycles, etc
• Arrange care for children and pets on moving day
• Arrange for mains services to be disconnected
• Advise your newsagent and milkman and pay their final accounts
• Empty lockers at school and work
• Return or retrieve any items on loan
• Drain fuel from motor mowers
• Dispose of plants and perishable food

1-2 days before moving abroad

• Separate all personal items which are to travel with you e.g. keys, documents, passports, tickets, certificates, currency, clothing, etc
• Disconnect, clean and dry any electrical appliances that you wish to take
• Arrange with neighbours to leave sufficient parking space for the removal vehicle

On Moving Day

• Remain on hand in case the packers have any questions
• Check all rooms, cupboards, walls, loft, garage and shed to make sure nothing has been left behind.

With Robinsons, international removals company, customers can be assured that their belongings are in safe hands, with a team of specialist packing and distributing experts on hand to ensure the efficient and smooth delivery of your products to their final destination.

If you are looking to move your office abroad, Robinsons deal with office removals to make sure your goods arrive in one piece.

For more information about their products and services, visit Robinson’s removals company today at http://www.robinsons-intl.com




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