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Does Circumcision Cause Loss of Penis Sensation?Featured PR

At least 60% of males in the US are circumcised at birth, leading to complications and loss of penis sensation; new information indicates that penis sensitivity may be increased with vitamins and minerals.
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Current statistics show that at least 60% of all male children born in the United States are circumcised before they leave the hospital. Most of these surgeries are performed for religious or cosmetic reasons. The American Academy of Pediatrics points out that circumcision is an elective procedure that is not medically necessary. Unfortunately, circumcision may lead to complications, including lifelong reduction of natural penis sensitivity. However, treatment with a formula containing penis-specific vitamins and minerals may help to restore some of the sensitivity lost through removing the foreskin and to increase sexual pleasure.

What is circumcision?

The foreskin (the sheath of skin which covers the glans, or head, of the penis) is a layer of protective dermal tissue. This thin layer of skin also acts as a lubricant during masturbation or sex. Circumcision is a surgical procedure in which the foreskin is removed. This surgery is generally performed immediately after birth, although some men have the foreskin removed later on.

Circumcision is practiced in many parts of the world for religious reasons or as a matter of tradition. A small percentage of men with penis conditions such as phimosis or balanitis elect to have the foreskin removed later in life for medical reasons – this is a fairly rare occurrence.

Does circumcision improve penis health?

Current medical research indicates that there is no medical benefit to removing the foreskin. In the past, some people considered circumcision to be a matter of hygiene, as it was thought to prevent buildup of foreign material under the skin. However, regular washing is all that is generally needed to eliminate this problem.

Side effects of circumcision

Numerous side effects of circumcision have been noted. These include:

• Scarring;
• Tightening of the skin which causes bending during erections;
• Increased risk of infection;
• Irritation;
• Loss of sensation due to constant exposure.

Issues with loss of penis sensation

Most complaints about lack of adequate penis sensation come from circumcised men. The glans (head) of the penis, as well as the foreskin itself, are full of nerve endings. This nervous tissue is important for experiencing sexual pleasure. Removing the foreskin eliminates many of these nerves and results in the loss of natural lubrication. In addition, exposing the glans creates continual friction through contact with clothing. This leads to thickening of the dermal tissue and deadening of the nerve cells.

Circumcised men have few options for restoring penis sensation. In drastic instances, some men choose to have their foreskin restored – this surgical procedure has limited success. However, circumcised men – as well as those who have an intact foreskin – can increase penis sensitivity through vitamin and mineral support.

The following vitamins target the nerves and skin and may help to improve feeling in the penis:

• Vitamin C – improves circulation to the area and helps to regenerate dead skin cells, as well as increasing elasticity and tone;
• Vitamin D – known as a “miracle” vitamin which promotes healing and improves the tone and texture of the skin;
• Vitamin A – Helps to regenerate skin cells and create smooth, responsive skin;
• Vitamin B5 – Provides essential nervous system support to regenerate damaged nerve cells under the skin’s surface.

Where to find a penis health formula to promote sensitivity

Most of these ingredients can be ingested through food. However, many men do not consume adequate amounts of these nutrients to provide support for the penis. In addition, dietary supplements are not typically well-absorbed in the digestive system. The solution is to apply a specialized penis vitamin formula (most health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) directly to the penis. Specially developed health formulas which contain shea butter and vitamin E also create a protective barrier which preserves the body’s natural moisture and protects the penis from sensitivity-reducing friction.

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