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RobinGupta.com announces new Charity SEO page

RobinGupta.Com is leading Seo Services Company. They have a team of 20 SEO Professionals who are experts in different Fields of SEO and link building. We receive clients from all over the world and we have, so far, served over 11,000 websites. Our clients care from USA, UK, Canada and many European countries.
Sri Ganganagar, Rajasthan, India (pr4links.com) 12/10/2010
The Charity seo page is an SEO service where clients can get high quality SEO services and packages in lower price points. The proceeds from this service will go to different charities that need financial support. According to RobinGupta.com, this is part of paying it forward to the world by giving something to them for the benefit of those who need aid and help the most. The company has “reached the stage…capable of helping others and bringing a bigger cause to live.” The Charity seo was establishing to be able to save lives of other people with the help of the money generated here.

For the benefit of clients, the prices of the regular article syndication, directory links as well as directory submissions have been cut down to 50% to appeal to more customers who want high quality services at lower prices. RobinGupta.com reassures its clients, old and new that the services they offer in the Charity Seo Page are equal and done in the same level of dedication as the other services offered by the company.

As part of its business structure, the company also established some rules and guidelines as to the use of the Charity Seo. Clients can spend up to $100 dollars per month on the services from the Charity page. The client can only order once a month. As the company has just started with the charity page, they will be accepting $750 per month of funds. After that, the company would not allow any orders for the rest of that particular month. Since this is a Charity cause, the company stresses out that there are no discounts on regular services outside the charity page.

The company also reassures customers that ell the proceeds generated from the Charity page will go to charity. Everything will be sent to a charity or a group of charities so not a single cent will go to the company. The purpose of the Charity page is to provide aid while people who are paying or donating are also given good blessings of high quality SEO services for your needs. For businesses who want to take advantage of this offer, this is not a tax deductible as the donations are not directly made by you but by RobinGupta.com.

If you wish to know more about this SEO Charity Page, do not hesitate to check the website at RobinGupta.Com and find out all the necessary information you wish to know or personally contact the company on their contact details.

RobinGupta.com is a highly respectable and sought after SEO service providers from India. They have established their reputation and have provided services for a massive number of clients throughout the years. They have established their competence in various SEO fields and are now providing other kinds of services from web design as well as other internet based services for many kinds of businesses.


RobinGupta.Com is leading Seo Services Company. They have a team of 20 SEO Professionals who are experts in different Fields of SEO and link building. The company is located in Rajasthan, India and deals in International clients



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