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MySmsMantra Guarantees to transform SMS Marketing Ideas into Success StoriesFeatured PR

MySmsMantra is a leading wireless messaging company in India providing user friendly bulk SMS software solutions equipped to garner consistent leads for customers
New Delhi, Delhi, India (pr4links.com) 12/07/2012
MySmsMantra has claimed to transform SMS marketing ideas into success stories. The Indian enterprise is a leading name in the wireless messaging market and declares of most effective bulk SMS servicing.

"The bulk SMS software solutions as provided by us are equipped to garner consistent leads for our customers from varied background. We assimilate a set of marketing tactics to come up with the best solution for you", stated the company spokesperson. MySmsMantra is 100% TRAI and NCCP regulated.

MySmsMantra emphasized on generating maximum leads within the minimum amount and time. The customers here can download the group SMS software & send the promotional messages online via web straight from Excel plug-in software from their laptop or PC. As per the statement of a major company spokesperson, MySmsMantra allows 24x7 accessibility to all kinds of services. "We would even permit personalizing or customizing the bulk messages with one single click on the SMS Excel software", continued the spokesperson.

"We aim to provide our customers with an affordable SMS marketing solution and with us you can target customers anywhere in India or overseas. We generate the leads either through keyword using the brief code servicing like premium codes (56767, 58888or 56161) or through other lead generating tools like missed ring alerts or virtual cell number", commented one of the managers from the leading Indian wireless messaging company. Adding to it, the company manager informed that their mass SMS servicing is equipped to respond to the SMS marketing demands of a large clientele across the world.

The company PR head assured of a user friendly servicing while approached by our reporters. "Our mass SMS software is accessible from anywhere in the globe and our clients can send the mass SMS virtually to GSM and CDMA based cell phones across India. We cater to any kind of business including the medium, large and also the small scale enterprises", the PR remarked.

MySmsMantra further declared of a cost effective servicing. According to one of the major spokespersons here the company is offering its services in different reasonably priced packages.

To know more about MySmsMantra, log on to http://www.mysmsmantra.in.



To know more about the company and its bulk SMS services, call up at 91 9911 344466/ 91 9911 88882220 or go to http://www.mysmsmantra.in.


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