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Online directory of Ukraine IT outsourcing companies presented

Recently a group of IT people working in former CIS country has developed completely new project in order to help foreign partners to find service provider which will serve their needs, newly created product got the name IT-Catalogue.
Kharkiv, Kharkiv, Ukraine (pr4links.com) 23/12/2010
Mayya Kochina, Manager of IT-Catalogue.net tells, “It is obvious that the cost of IT services increases from year to year, and a number of companies has found it to be a great idea of use such services provided by foreign partners. However they have faced the problem of choosing such partners, since there are a great number of companies providing such services all over the web: Asian and Eastern Europe markets are overfilled with offers including competitive prices and it is hard to choose the one needed. First of all we need to decide which market is more convenient for us and then walk through the number of proposals. Finally, in 2-3 months we will be able to find the company which serves all our needs, however the time we spent for such searches won't give us expected satisfaction from the product we have got. So the main question is rise: Where to find the categorized catalog with the full information about IT companies in Ukraine?

We have represented the greatest in Ukraine catalog http://it-catalogue.net/ of companies, which are currently working in IT services. Besides web-site addresses and contact e-mails of the companies IT-Catalogue includes brief characteristics of the services provided by the companies, phone numbers and name of persons whom will be useful to contact if the information is needed, latest news at the first hand and products provided for the low prices.

We are planning to develop our website, in order to increase its usability and information value: during next few month Ukrainian IT News and Events module will be launched to help Ukrainian and foreign visitors to be up to date, new informational options will be added. We will be happy if the project becomes useful informational base for the relations between companies and their clients or even B2B partners,” Mayya concludes.


IT Catalogue offers free information and contacts of IT outsourcing companies in Ukraine and Eastern Europe.


Mayya Kochina

Tobolskaja Str. 42-A, office 424
Zipcode : 61002