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Now business cases can not only be operated but also sourced on the web. One of these highly developed out-of-the-box solutions for the payment industry is PaySourcing.
Munich, Bayern, Germany (pr4links.com) 21/09/2012
Now business cases can not only be operated but also sourced on the web. One of these highly developed out-of-the-box solutions for the payment industry is PaySourcing. This Platform-as-a-Service is a mature payment service provider system that empowers customers to launch immediate operations from a technical point of view within just 48 hours. Existing and new payment service providers (PSPs) can leverage PaySourcing to efficiently outsource all the relevant payment and risk management processes in the cloud. Service providers wanting to extend their portfolio to include a PSP can launch their PSP business on the hosted system without initial and ongoing investments for the development and operation of a datacentre. This results in cost and time-to-market benefits, which in turn lead to a faster return-on-investment. As a payment infrastructure provider with global operations, PAY.ON AG demonstrates what services its white-label "PaySourcing" PSP package includes.

PaySourcing offers fundamental benefits for any target group: Existing PSPs can achieve significant cost savings by outsourcing their PSP system into the Cloud. This totally removes the need for ongoing developments of an in-house system, operating high-availability datacentres including maintenance, and also expensive PCI compliance. PaySourcing helps other financial providers and service providers to save costs and rapidly generate additional growth with their own PSP - and thus their own merchant gateway. This in turn helps to accelerate the market penetration of a company's core business - such as a payment method - by directly integrated online stores. Or, in the case of an acquirer, merchant service provider (MSP) or independent service operator (ISO), of growing along the financial supply chain and thus providing comprehensive coverage to dealers. A separate merchant gateway pays dividends for acquirers in terms of facilitating payment processing and access to the transaction fees of the online stores. PaySourcing supports customers in sustainably reducing cost of investment, and thus operating costs, in the long-term, in expanding their service portfolio, and generating additional revenue streams.

PaySourcing is a hosted PSP solution which fulfils all requirements of a modern PSP in a complete package, and which can be rolled out in a customer-specific way within only 48 hours. After this, the system is immediately available for processing transactions, thus providing customers with best-in-class time-to-market conditions. PaySourcing is certified in line with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS Level 1). PaySourcing customers can thus avoid the expensive PCI certification otherwise needed by PSPs. From a technology point of view, PAY.ON operates one of the most modern payment infrastructures in the industry, ensuring maximum standards of high availability, productivity and business continuity. The datacentre - also ISO 27001 and ISO 9001 certified - works on the basis of multiple redundancy, 24x7 and without maintenance windows. State-of-the-art virtualisation automatically avoids bottlenecks by ensuring seamlessly and freely scalable capacity. Best performance conditions are also guaranteed by our location in London with its direct connection to the worldwide data highways on every continent.

At the heart of PaySourcing is its web-based administration, in form of the Business Intelligence Platform (BIP). PSPs use the BIP to create dealers, monitor their processing and risk configurations, clear payment orders with banks, initiate chargebacks, and generate comprehensive reports, statistics, and analysis. Likewise, transaction control can be precisely specified and modified on a per dealer basis, e.g., depending on the volume conditions and limits negotiated with the acquirers. To facilitate administration, processes can be assigned to divisions (e.g. countries, regions, dealing sectors), dealers (e.g. several smaller stores) and channels (e.g., payment methods, acquirers, sales channels such as call centres, the web). For dealers, PaySourcing offers individual, personalised access for visibility into and analysis of their business development, including chargebacks.

The visible link between the PSP and the dealer is the check-out process for payment of the products deposited in the shopping cart. As a fully-fledged PSP system PaySourcing provides the necessary payment page, which consumers can use to select their preferred payment methods. Due to PaySourcing's white-label nature, this and dealership enrolment can be accommodated to follow the PSPs corporate design. This means that PaySourcing customers can purvey the image of an independent service provider vis a vis to their customers. For easy configuration and to provide a preview of the payment page, it can be individually defined in collaboration with the merchant via a demo store; this includes the desired payment methods, from bank and online transfers, direct debit, credit and debit cards, prepaid cards, wallets, micro-payments and mobile payments. The consumers' sensitive payment information can also be reliably encrypted via tokenisation for future subscription payments on one-click payments. Additionally, PaySourcing manages deposited instalment plans for even easier processing of recurring subscription payments.

The services also include global connectivity between desired payment partners and the PSP system. Customers can directly access several hundred active provider connections payment methods, thus offering their dealers a global solution. Technical connections for transaction processing can be established immediately. Acquirers or payment providers not available on the system are integrated within a very short time - usually between four and eight weeks. PaySourcing can handle transactions in any currency and across payment provider systems worldwide. Also included is a highly sophisticated risk management. For fraud and chargeback prevention, PaySourcing includes more than 120 fully integrated, internal risk checks including highly specialised external risk management providers such as Schufa, Threatmetrix and ReD. Due to the bandwidth and granular adjustability, the risk level can be controlled on a per dealer basis in line with requirements. In this vein, the solution provides real-time evaluation, blacklists, scoring models, as well as all verification methods such as address and credit status checks.

In addition to PaySourcing, PAY.ON offers its customers the implementation of development projects - for example, processing of flight passenger data via on-the-fly registration, including system integration for interfacing with a variety of vendors, through to mobile payment projects. Again the focus is on maximum flexibility, time-efficient implementation, and rapid return-on-investment. The base for this is many years of experience in software projects of all sizes, orientations, and levels of complexity. The PAY.ON development is characterised by exemplary "continuous delivery" with a high level of project transparency and fast project implementation.


+ Full-fledged, cloud-based payment service provider system on white label basis

+ Ready for use in global transaction processing within 48 hours

+ No investments and no costs for development and maintenance

+ Choice of connections from several hundred payment system partners (e.g. credit card acquirers, payment service providers) for immediate cut-in

+ Comprehensive, granular accommodation of risk management for efficient prevention of fraudand chargebacks

+ White label character: Present your own corporate design to dealers

+ Comprehensive business intelligence for control, analysis and reporting of all relevant payment and risk processes

+ Comprehensive PCI certification and security as well as pervasive high availability

+ Handling of software development for the individual customisation of the PSP system

For more details, please visit www.paysourcing.com

About PAY.ON:

PAY.ON AG is the world's leading operator of payment infrastructure systems and supplier of the white-label platform PaySourcing and the routing gateway PayPipe. PaySourcing makes it possible for customers to outsource all relevant payment and risk-management processes or procure them via cloud computing and thus become a payment service provider themselves whilst saving money, time and resources. PayPipe is a high-performance payment gateway that connects all payment market participants with each other across the world via a single interface. Accordingly, PayPipe accelerates global availability for all market participants like no other network. PayPipe allows transactions to be processed online for all payment methods in all currencies and across all systems. All PAY.ON systems guarantee compliance with pertinent security standards and requirements on the international payment market. For more details, please visit www.payon.com.

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PAY.ON AG is the world's leading provider for web-based payment infrastructure services and provider of the payment processing platform ‘PaySourcing’ as well as of the routing gateway ‘PayPipe’. ‘PaySourcing’ allows clients to outsource all relevant eCommerce-typical payment and risk management processes into the cloud or to become a payment service provider in a cost-, time- and resource-saving way.


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