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Manufacturers are glad to receive quality aluminum at affordable prices
Dubai, UAE, United Arab Emirates (pr4links.com) 23/07/2010

"Dubai Scrap Trading: Lucky group is the name among Dubai scrap companies which serves the copper, brass and aluminum recycling as well as scraps metals trading."

July 23, 2010 – Aluminum, as we all know is one of the useful metals available on earth. Rising demand for this metal has always surprised people around the world. Recent reviews have shown that prices of key metals are lowered globally; as a result there is increase in the usage of aluminum and other metals in many industries. Manufacturers are happy to hear about decreasing rates of metals but at the same time quality of metals matter. This is great news for metal suppliers in different parts of the world. They have more clients who demand for metals especially aluminum.

Reports show that prices of aluminum have fallen roughly by 17 percent with comparison to its price in the month of April. Aluminum producers are overwhelmed with this news as it will boost their business. There are many industries which use aluminum in large quantities and they all are rushing to aluminum suppliers. They are emphasizing on receiving large quantities of materials without compromising on the quality of the metal. Different markets in the world are coming up with variety of aluminum products which will increase the demand of this metal. As a result aluminum prices could be 30% higher by the year 2015 than they are today. Many manufacturers are seeking to take advantage of the current market scenario and buy bulk quantities of aluminum.

Lucky Group is one of the famous metal suppliers in Dubai. The company contributes towards several environmentally conscious industries worldwide and in Dubai. The company operates as an alloy manufacturing and metal recycling company in Dubai. Their mission is to cater to the metal requirements of their customers, expand their supplies, as well as create strategic alliances with key suppliers. Lucky Group’s scrap metal recycling interests are handled by their flagship company Lucky Recycling and their associate company Fortune Metals established in Toronto, Canada.

To learn more about Lucky Recycling, visit: http://www.luckygroup.com also visit http://luckygroup.wordpress.com/

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Lucky group UAE having the divisions that are Lucky scrap recycling, Dubai Scrap Yards & alloy manufacturing also mainly engaged in scrap metal trading & alloy manufacturing.


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