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Every ten years you should change your mattress so that all your sleeps are comfortable. So is it time for you to ditch out the old mattress and bring in the new
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"Odd Mattress"

Every ten years you should change your mattress so that all your sleeps are comfortable. So is it time for you to ditch out the old mattress and bring in the new?

If you are struggling to part with your mattress or unsure of what to look for, then help is at hand with oddmattress.co.uk who have come up with a few helpful hints when choosing a mattress.

1. Compare prices – but don’t just focus on low price

Everyone loves a good bargain but it isn’t always a good idea to find the lowest price mattress you select. Consider all price options and what qualities each mattress has. The lowest price one isn’t always the best one for you and could cost you a bad back and restless sleep in the long run.

2. Buy the best quality you can afford

A cheap bed usually means cheap quality products resulting in a poor sleep. Comfort and durability are the main factors and oddmattress.co.uk are expert in providing high quality materials, but their prices are affordable and won’t break the bank.

3. Shop for a mattress that suits you

Over the years you will discover what type of mattress is best for you. If you need a soft cushioned mattress or a hard mattress to provide your back with support, then OddMattress.co.uk have all you need in stock.

4. Look for proper support

Think of what type of support you need for you back. The best consumer ratings are generally given to foam or latex mattresses, but shop around and see what suits you best. At OddMattress.co.uk the team have created medium, firm and extra firm mattresses to help all of their customers find the comfort they need to sleep.

5. By a mattress that you can fit on

This may sound silly but it is important that you buy a mattress that you can fit on. There are many people who are unable to fit from top to bottom on their mattress and need a special mattress made to suit their needs and requirements. At OddMattress.co.uk their name says it all. The team are able to manufacture odd sized mattresses for all their customers in whatever shape or style they like. Each odd mattress they make will be designed to your criteria and will be made with the utmost quality and design.

6. Consider the base

Make sure that when you buy a mattress it fits the base of the bed. This is a common mistake that many people make and can be avoided if you measure correctly and receive helpful advice.

7. Buy from a quality company

By from a reputable dealer like OddMattress.co.uk. Search their website, products and speak to a member of their staff to find out about the company and what their products are like. At Odd mattress.co.uk the staff will help out in any way they can to get you the mattress you want. From odd size mattresses to standard sized mattresses, the team are ready to take your call.


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