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Anyone can walk into a shop and come out with a gift for their family member's new baby; that's easy.
Luton, UK, United Kingdom (pr4links.com) 17/12/2012
Anyone can walk into a shop and come out with a gift for their family member's new baby; that's easy. The hard bit is finding a gift that is unique and personal to whoever it is for. You can find some funky baby clothes at Nappy Head, a leader in personalised gifts for baby, mum and dad.

Baby Gift Ideas

There are babies being born around the UK all the time and chances are you are going to end up having to buy a gift for one of them, but why be traditional and normal? Add something special to your baby gift, personalise some funky baby clothes to make your gift special and treasured. From baby grows to children's T-Shirts, gifts for twins to maternity clothing, Nappy Head has it all.

What's best about this company is that they haven't forgotten Dad. So many times we forget the Dad as everyone rallies around mum and the new baby. But there is a selection of funky baby clothes that match Dad, so he can also enjoy a special gift when his new family member arrives.

I love the idea of having personalised baby grows designed with the names of twins on them so you can't confuse them; it's funky and fun and can be done when you use Nappy Head.

Quality Verses Quantity

Nappy Head have been designing funky baby clothes for the past ten years and they know the importance of quality. When you buy a gift that has a personalised message on it the last thing you want is your message coming off in the first wash. The worst thing is when they peel as this is not very safe when you are handing this gift to a new baby.

Nappy Head only use hand printing; their items are all of the highest quality cotton to ensure that any baby lucky enough to receive funky baby clothes from Nappy Head are safe, secure, comfortable and stylish.

Perfect for that baby shower you have scheduled for next month or the rapidly approaching Christmas, these wonderful baby clothes are perfect for any occasion and are gifts that can be treasured and remembered for years to come. They are different from the normal clothes you find in the shop as they are unique and personalised which makes them so special.

About Nappy Head

Nappy Head was started ten years ago just after Sarah obtained her Product Design degree. Ten years and three children later she has successfully developed the designs of Nappy Head which has grown into a business that is designed to offer top quality funky baby clothes with lovingly hand printed designs.

A company that started with only a few designs quickly grew into a company that offers superior quality funky baby clothes for any occasion.


Address: Unit 8E, Britannia Estates, Leagrave Road, Luton, LU 1RJ
Telephone: 01582 513 630
Email: info@nappyhead.co.uk
Website: www.nappyhead.co.uk



Although you may find other personalised baby gifts online Nappy Head takes the leading edge when it comes toquality and eco-friendly personalised garments for mums, dads and babies. You will be spoilt for choice when it comes to personalised new-born baby gifts from Nappy Head. It is easy to orderonline and you can enjoy shopping for the perfect gifts from the comfort of your own home.


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Unit 8e, Britannia Estates, Leagrave Road
Zipcode : LU3 1RJ