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Solar Panel Installation Seems Simple with Gogreenwithsolarpanel.comFeatured PR

Gogreenwithsolarpanel.com is an informational blog by Shaffizan, a Malaysian solar panel enthusiast. He has laid down detailed posts on DIY solar panel, the easy ways of installing it etc.
Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia (pr4links.com) 22/12/2012
The eco-friendly citizens planning for solar panel installation seem to have the best assistance online- Gogreenwithsolarpanel.com has come up with extensive information on how to make a solar panel. The blog is an endeavor by a Malaysian technician named Shaffizan.

"Isn't it true that all of us are irritated with the rising energy bills? And if you are eager to find out an effective solution to it, the answer lies with us. Solar power is the order of the day now and is soon to be followed by a massive crowd all across the world and thus my blog has come up with the needed advice on installing solar power", stated the founder of Go Green With Solar Panel. Shaffizan further stressed that since installation of the solar panel professionally demand good investments, the blog is offering the readers with varied tips on DIY solar panel making or installation so that they can enjoy a fluent power flow without compromising on the budget part.

Shaffizan's blog has come up with extensive range of information on DIY solar panels. According to the blog spokesperson there is all needed information for those interested in making solar panels themselves without any professional help including posts on checklists for installing the solar panels, how does the solar panels work, the full-proof steps of installing the panels on own..

The Gogreenwithsolarpanel.com has presented a detailed analysis on the entire mechanism of the solar panels. The blog states that solar panels comprise of numerous solar cells containing silicon slices. Silicon is semi-conductive by nature and as the solar panel is directed towards sun, sunlight would strike on the positive part of the silicon slice resulting in the movement of negatively-charged particles towards negative part of the slice. As the 2 parts of the silicon slice gets connected with wire, it leads to electrical circuit or direct current flow from positive to the negative. "This direct current from the solar cells is ready for use in the different home appliances like battery powered systems", the blog elaborates.

Shaffizan's blog has also presented posts on the different factors determining the number of the solar panels in the house. These factors are the house's electricity requirement, total duration and amount of sunbeam received by the house and rating of solar panel to be used. "We have kept pointers on how to estimate the amount of sunbeam received by your location and calculate the solar panel rating", added the blog spokesperson.

For any further information on these efficient and easy-to-install DIY solar panels, visit http://gogreenwithsolarpanel.com



For any further information on these efficient and easy-to-install DIY solar panels, visit http://gogreenwithsolarpanel.com


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