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Exclusive Flooring Center Builds On Solid Customer ServiceFeatured PR

Exclusive Flooring Center is proud to offer great service and flooring specials to their satisfied customers.
Tampa, FL, United States (pr4links.com) 08/01/2013
Exclusive Flooring Center is a Tampa, Florida based flooring company that has been in business nearly three decades. Today, in the fast-changing world of online retail, Exclusive Flooring Center is proud to continue to offer great flooring and a satisfying experience to its customers--both in the physical world and online.

For over 25 years, Exclusive Flooring Center has sold top of the line hardwood, laminate, ceramic tile, cork, vinyl and rug to discerning consumers in Florida. With the advance of electronic commerce, Exclusive Flooring Center has been able to expand their market to home owners and decorators all across the nation. They have always been proud of their work and products, and the response from customers to their services and hardwood floor specials has been nothing but positive.

Local listings and services that allow for a public dialog between sellers and consumers, such as Google Reviews, have become a boon to people looking for reliable businesses online; likewise, they have become a way for businesses that rely on honesty and integrity to proudly display their reputation in front of the entire digital world.

Exclusive Flooring Center has maintained the perfect score they've received from all of the customers that had taken the time to review them on Google Plus. Exclusive Flooring Center has pointed to their dedication to customer satisfaction—both in their service and their commitment to low prices, as a reason for the continued excellence on the review site. Exclusive Flooring Center flooring consultant, Steve Coker, had this to say about their online reputation, "Word of mouth is such a big part of our business and of retail as a whole, we work very hard to make sure our customers are satisfied and well taken care of. The result has been a number of customers who are happy enough with their shopping experience to share their positive opinions with other flooring shoppers online."

One of the aspects of their business that Exclusive Flooring Center has concentrated on to garner such a high level of customer satisfaction is the price points for all of their products. The hardwood flooring that Exclusive Flooring Center offers, both engineered and laminate, are aggressively priced to provide their customers with the best deals. Exclusive Flooring Center offers their customers unbeatable prices on items such as maple and oak engineered floors—as well as the occasional exotic flooring type. Homeowners who are interested in remodeling for less are urged to check ExclusiveFlooringCenter.com often as to not miss any of their flooring specials.

Contact information:
4893 W. Waters Ave
Suite A
Tampa, FL 33634
Phone: 813-264-5673



Exclusive Flooring Center is proud to serve its customers in Tampa and nationwide, and we hope that readers of this article will allow us to prove our commitment to low cost and high quality to them, as well!


Steve Coker

4893 W. Waters Ave Suite A
Zipcode : 33634