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Gogreenwithsolarpanel.com, the New Blog Offers Information on Inexpensive DIY Solar Panel CreationFeatured PR

Latest informative blog provides tips and step by step tutorial on building solar panels at home
Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia (pr4links.com) 17/02/2013
Gogreenwithsolarpanel.com, a latest blog online has shared tips on how to make solar panel at home. The blog offers useful information about the great cost savings on DIY solar panels than hiring a professional company.

Gogreenwithsolarpanel.com is created by a green energy enthusiast, Shaffizan. On speaking about his blog site, he said, "Installation of solar panels is highly expensive especially when you involve a professional company to perform the job for you. It takes around $1500 to $20,000 for nearly 2kWh. 50 percent of the money goes for solar panel itself; and for the wiring items, batteries, inverter & equipments needed for cleaning the entire installation. This is why I have come up with my new blog which shares information on how to create solar panel all by yourself which is much cost effective than getting the job done by a professional".

The blog provides useful knowledge, details & valuable insights regarding every aspect of how to build solar panel by oneself than buying it from a professional solar panel agency. The blog master assured that building solar panels involve no rocket science & the interested home owners can make it without silicon which otherwise incurs an expensive manufacturing process.

Shaffizan's blog presents detailed information regarding all the ingredients of making DIY solar panels. The needed components for DIY solar panels are one hotplate or electric stove, sheet metal-shears, 1 micro ammeter that would be able to check currents between ten & fifty microamperes, one glass jar or plastic bottle of 2l, table salt, copper flashing square sheet, electric drill, sandpaper and alligator clip leads. The blog also informs about using tap water and insists on using safety goggles throughout the DIY process.

Shaffizan has presented a step by step tutorial on building DIY solar panels at home. The blog has laid down an 8 step process along with precaution tips. Added to the textual content, there is a video demo available as well on making solar panels.

To know more about the blog, click on to http://gogreenwithsolarpanel.com/how-to-make-a-solar-panel/



For any further information on these efficient and easy-to-install DIY solar panels, visit http://gogreenwithsolarpanel.com


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