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Vscc Direct Offer Exceptional Gm Warranty And Vehicle Service Contracts For The People In MaineFeatured PR

Limit and minimize your expenditure on vehicle service contracts which exceed the manufacturers warranty
Scarborough, ME, United States (pr4links.com) 16/05/2013
VSCC Direct announces reliable vehicle service contracts, Factory Warranty, and GM Warranty for the people located in and around Maine and Florida, at unbeatable prices.

The company which is owned by Keith Lambert, had much to comment and share on the services, guidance and help they offer their clients. Keith said, "We have vast experience in this field and only use companies that pay their claims when submitted. The warranties we provide cover a huge range of Vehicle Service Contracts including GM Warranty, Toyota Warranty, Chevrolet Warranty and many more." VSCC has already served thousands of clients in their local areas and are expanding their business over the whole US, owing to the growing need of clients who wish to acquire their help.

The company offers warranties for the following vehicles covering Chevrolet Warranty, Cadillac Warranty, Pontiac Warranty, Saturn Warranty, Buick Warranty, Hummer Warranty, Chevy Warranty, GMC Warranty, Saab Warranty, Toyota Warranty, Jeep Warranty, Dodge Warranty and many more. In simple terms, warranties for any vehicle you own. VSCC is responsible and offer their clients with Auto Warranty, Car Warranty, Car Extended Warranty, Hummer Warranty, and Pontiac Warranty.

The company deals with, and is in contract with only "A" rated insurance providers. Other than the above mentioned vehicles, there are so many more contracts available to cover more parts, services and mileage when compared to other insurance service provides over Maine and Florida. The team at VSCC are highly trained and experienced, and have the ability to treat your vehicle as they would their own and claim for you all possible benefits for your damaged, worn or expired vehicle parts. VSCC are also equipped to provide their clients an online quote when they specify their requirements. They also provide their clients with customized vehicle contracts and GM Warranty solutions. You can even call and speak with the experts at VSCC, for a more personal experience and for a clear cut idea on who they are, and why they are special compared with the other vehicle contract service providers in the locality. VSCC also provide contacts backed and managed by the manufactures themselves.

About Vscc Direct:

VSCC Direct is a family owned and operated company, well established, with operational offices in Florida and Maine and covering the entire US. VSCC Direct offer extended vehicle warranties for their customers, typically extending the warranty period offered by the vehicle manufacturers themselves. They have trained and experienced staff, who have immense knowledge regarding the ins and outs of vehicle contracts and GM Warranty deals.




VSCC Direct is a family owned company located in Florida and Maine. They supply reliable vehicle service contracts direct to the public at unbeatable prices. For more details on GM Warranty, log on to: http://www.gmwarrantydealer.com


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