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Do you know Mediterranean countries have the lowest mortality rate? The incidence of Heart disease in Mediterranean countries is among the lowest in the world.Many studies indicate that a Mediterranean diet may play an important role in the prevention of coronary artery heart disease. A Mediterranean-style diet also appears to help avoid the metabolic syndrome (prediabetes) and reduce the chances that a person will die sooner rather than later.
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What is the Mediterranean Diet?

The Mediterranean Diet is a lifestyle, not just a food pattern that combines ingredients from local agriculture, recipes and cooking methods of each place. This diet has long been associated with heart health and longevity. Beyond that, it can also be an excellent weight loss plan, as long as you eat in moderation.

The Mediterranean Diet is characterized by abundant plant-origin foods such as whole wheat breads, pasta, brown /unpolished rice, vegetables, legumes/pulses, fruits and nuts; the use of olive oil as the main source of additional fat, moderate consumption of fish, seafood, poultry, dairy products (yogurt, cheese) and eggs, as well as small amounts of red meat.

The basic Mediterranean diet pattern is as follows:

* Legumes/Pulses : Eat daily.
* Fruit : 2.5 cups daily.
* Vegetables : 2 cups daily.
* Fish : More than twice weekly.
* Nuts : A handful daily.
* Poultry : 1-2 a week (not fried)
* Dairy products : 2 cups of a low-fat variety daily.
* Fats : Use primarily monounsaturated fats like olive oil or canola
* Eggs : Less than 2 per week.
* Avoid fried foods and processed foods.

It's important to remember that the Mediterranean diet is not a quick weight loss diet, but a way of life. Almost as important as the food is regular physical activity and leisurely dining -- taking pleasure and time to savor meals with friends and family.

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