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Why Buy Second Hand Engines When Subaru Specialists Offer Re-Manufactured Subaru EnginesFeatured PR

Subaru Engines are Australia’s best suppliers of Subaru engines and have more than 18 years of experience in engine re- manufacturing. Thanks to their competitive pricing, it is now possible to opt for remanufactured engines instead of second hand.
Peakhurst, New South Wales, Australia (pr4links.com) 23/07/2013
Books are what can be bought second hand, not car engines, especially Subaru engines. Australia's leading supplier of Subaru engines has announced that they offer competitive rates for re manufactured Subaru engines. They're certainly a better choice than second hand ones, they claim.

"Why would you choose a second hand engine when we offer excellent value, great customer service, and constant support that no other supplier can provide," says the spokesperson for the company. They stock more than 70 engines including Subaru WRX engines and have now become the country's largest Subaru Only Engine and gear box manufacturer. Besides remanufacturing they offer a wide range of services including engine repair, servicing, head gasket repair, and even upgrade engines.

"The process of remanufacturing is simple; all that you have to do is to choose from one of the many available models, select the year and get the required engine," adds the spokesperson. Getting a quote is also easy; interested customers can call directly on their mobile phone and obtain a quote from them. Subaru specialists have more than 18 years of experience.

"We maintain strict quality; if anything does comply with the manufacturer's specifications, it is not used," he adds.

They also have exclusive trade contracts and can supply engines. Almost 40% of their business and less than 6% of it comes through insurance subcontract.

About Subaru Engines:

Subaru Engines Australia is one of Australia's best suppliers of Subaru Engines with more than 18 years of experience in Subaru engine remanufacturing. They promise Australia wide delivery and pick up as usual.

To know more, visit; www.subaruengine.com.au



“You can also rely on us for improved drivability assistance. We have Electronic-Throttle Device that provides you with the flexibility of selecting your desired acceleration response”, the firm manager said further, “Moreover we have 24 months/ 50,000 km of warranty assurance on all Subaru remanufactured and reconditioned engines installed by us”. To know more about the Subaru engine services, visit www.subaruengine.com.au


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