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Pawnbrokers Offer Great Value For Your Gold, Art and Other CollateralFeatured PR

Best Collateral is the right place for everyone- those looking to make money out of some old gold or art, and for those who’re looking to buy things at bargain prices.
Marysville, CA, United States (pr4links.com) 13/08/2013
Securing a loan in today's tough times have become an almost impossible task. Best Collateral is a company that's just right for those looking to make some extra money by selling their gold, art pieces, and other collectibles such as Rolex watches. The items purchased or secured as collateral are auctioned off on sites like E Bay or sold through the company website at discounted rates. This is ideal for those looking to save some money even as they buy things.

"Our hot summer deals include 45% discount on ladies anniversary rings, 35% off on gents diamond fashion rings, wedding sets at 37% less than the original price, etc. More such discounts can be found on the company website," says a spokesperson for Best Collateral.

Users can also join their mailing list to receive discounts and get access to the best information. It is also easy to find a store in one of the eight locations spread across the Unites States. Best Pawnbrokers are proud members of The National Pawnbrokers Association.

"We also manage the Customer Rewards Program. This Program allows you earn points as you choose to do business with us. The accumulated points can be used for merchandise from our online catalog containing 1000s of products," adds the spokesperson. Their roots can be traced back to almost the beginning of last century in Downtown San Francisco. Today, they have stores at 8 locations including one in Northern California.

About Best Collateral:

Best Collateral are pawn brokers who buy and sell diamonds, jewelry, gold, art, Rolex watches, Fender Guitars and a host of other items. People can contact them for collateral loans by registering with them. They can also contact the Company to buy merchandise at affordable prices.

To know more, visit, http://www.bestcollateral.com



Pawn shops are synonymous with jewelry stores, but they are so much more than that. If you need a pawn loan look at your entire home, not just your jewelry box, and you’re sure to find the quick cash you need! For more details please visit: http://www.bestcollateral.com/


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