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Vietnam Grants Visa-Free Entry for Citizens of Selected CountriesFeatured PR

The government of Vietnam has given up visa requirements for short time travellers from five European countries although visa-vietnam.org, a leading travel agent, helps attain visa for frequent foreigners who must have the same as per regulations.
Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam, Vietnam (pr4links.com) 02/11/2015
The Vietnamese government has amended its immigration rules, waiving off visa requirements for travellers coming from the UK, France, Germany, Italy and Spain. This rule will be put into effect for a limited period of one year from July 01, 2015 to June 30, 2016 until further consideration. The free visa entry, however, is granted only for short trips not exceeding more than 15 days, according to the document. Visa-vietnam.org claims to offer Vietnam Visa for travellers who enter the country more than once in a month, in accordance to the new regulations.

The spokesperson for visa-vietnam.org explained, "The Vietnamese government waived visa requirements for travelers coming from certain countries. However, Vietnam introduced a new rule requiring those travelers to have a visa upon re-entry to the country within 30 days of their last departure. The government's intent is to control foreigners who come and go repeatedly within a short period of time in an attempt to work in Vietnam illegally."

He continued, "There is a high demand persistent among many foreigners who would want to stay for more 15 days whilst few others who would frequent their visits to the country multiple times in a month, either for business or personal purposes. As a reputed travel agent, we at Visa-Vietnam.org are committed to offer visa at arrival, hassle-free for such category of travellers at satisfactory prices"

Another spokesperson revealed that the new initiative also gives the privilege for a visa-free entry, for foreign tourists visiting Phu Quoc Island, off the southern province of Kien Giang, if they stay for at most 30 days.

Visa-vietnam.org is known for making the Vietnam visa arrival process in a simple, reliable and faster way. Travellers from any country can apply online for picking up visa upon arrival, and even in urgent scenarios, they help in processing visa within a working day or in a few hours. The agent is also open for service even during public holidays.

Speaking of their reliable services, the media person stated, "All of these awesome features and special discounts are provided to you with very little fee and the service's quality is secured by our privacy policies. With a huge improvement in the visa process, Vietnam keeps the door open for all visitors. Just try our service, rethink about Vietnam, and you will see that Vietnam is open and truly welcoming all of you day by day"

The customers also have an added advantage of getting a full refund if, at any instant, they are not satisfied with the agent's services.

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Nam Thang Travel Co. LTD is a leading travel agent in Vietnam, offering simple procedures for visa applicants. Avail their easily accessible services at affordable rates, and great discounts. Visit http://www.visa-vietnam.org

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About Nam Thang Travel Co., LTD

As one of the most reputed travel agents in Vietnam, Visa-Vietnam.org offers very simple procedures by which a foreign national can obtain Visa to Vietnam. They also offer special discounts, hassle free application process, processing within 24 hours, affordable prices and easy accessibility. For more details, visit http://www.visa-vietnam.org


Ta Hoai Nam
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Room A2, 64 Nguyen Dinh Chieu street, Dakao ward
Zipcode : 70000
+(00) 84966 56 99 56

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