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Sign Up For Free Virtual Drive’s Secure Cloud Services & Take Advantage of its Numerous BenefitsFeatured PR

Virtual Drive is a cloud based virtual drive that offers a wide range of services including online storage, file versioning, file syncing, etc. All of this is available on free signup
Olathe, KS, United States (pr4links.com) 13/09/2013
Sign up free with Virtual Drive's secure cloud services and take advantage of its numerous services offered by the company. Their top quality service is also inclusive of top quality products. These services and products help users save up to 90% from other services, including costs incurred on file servers, FTP/Email servers, offsite backups, hosting, and much more.

"Our basic services are absolutely free; you do not have to pay anything for them besides signing up with us. But these are more than enough for many users. And those that are chargeable are provided at nominal costs. For instance, the standard plan that offers remote access to share files using browser or Virtual Drive FileManager with limit on file size, drag and drop options, automatic folder synchronization, etc. up to 5 GB (plus 1GB free) is available for less than $80/per year. That comes to less than $8 per month," says a spokesperson for the company.

The basic package offers all of these facilities up to 1 GB. Other services offered by Virtual Drive includes web file access, folder sharing, folder synchronization, web publishing, online backup, FTP services, email backup, web hosting etc.

About Virtual Drive:

VirtualDrive.com is the first company that offers a comprehensive secure cloud based IT services. It was started in 1999 and mainly targets small businesses that lack the expertise to set up a reliable IT systems.

To know more, visit, http://virtualdrive.com



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