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Subaru Engines Australia Discusses About Remanufactured Subaru EngineFeatured PR

Subaru Engines Australia, a leading supplier of remanufactured Subaru engines increases the awareness of remanufactured Subaru engine among buyers.
Peakhurst, New South Wales, Australia (pr4links.com) 13/09/2013
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Established in 1991 as a Subaru specialist workshop, Subaru Engines Australia grew into all drive Subaroo and offers a complete range of services including servicing, problem solving, engine and transmission reconditioning, and Subaru spare parts. The company which is known for its expert Subaru advice and support, now educates buyers on Subaru Engine second hand VS remanufactured.

Norrie Anderson having vast knowledge in Subaru vehicles, from diagnostic/fault finding, to expert engine and transmission discusses, "Each remanufactured Subaru engine exceeds OEM manufacturer's specifications and is supplied with a conditional 24 month or 50,000 km warranty compared to second hand engines that normally come from wrecked or accident damaged vehicles".

He also added, "Our re-manufacturing division only uses premium quality generic parts alongside Subaru genuine parts. With a genuine Subaru parts, the process begins with a core (the actual failed or worn-out part). The core is fully disassembled, and all components are serviced or replaced. As the core is reassembled, it is allowed to pass the same tests as a new Subaru part at every step. After fully assembled, the remanufactured part is tested to meet the same tolerances and specifications as brand new genuine Subaru parts".

At Subaru Engines Australia, all Subaru reconditioned and remanufactured engines installed by a 3rd party are covered by 12 month or 25,000 km warranty whereas the engines installed by Subaru Engines Australia are covered by a 24 month or 50,000 km. This largest and most reputable Subaru engine remanufacturing factory in Australia stocks over 70 engines including Subaru WRX engine and more. The company is also well known for their honest and reliable customer service, fast turn-around time, high standards and vehicle loans. "All Drive Subaroo customers benefit from our extensive trade contacts. We supply products to the major players in the industry, with trade sales accounting for 40% of our business and 6% consisting of insurance subcontract work. This lower cost model flows on to our retail customers", continues Niazi Helow, one of the directors of Subaru Engines Australia.

About Subaru Engines Australia

Subaru Engines Australia is a premier supplier of remanufactured Subaru engines with over 18 years in Subaru engine remanufacturing. They offer a complete range of services including servicing, problem solving, engine and transmission reconditioning and Subaru spare parts. For more details, log on to http://www.subaruengine.com.au/



“You can also rely on us for improved drivability assistance. We have Electronic-Throttle Device that provides you with the flexibility of selecting your desired acceleration response”, the firm manager said further, “Moreover we have 24 months/ 50,000 km of warranty assurance on all Subaru remanufactured and reconditioned engines installed by us”. To know more about the Subaru engine services, visit www.subaruengine.com.au


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