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Vietnam Proclaims 40% off on Visa on Arrival Stamping Fees for ForeignersFeatured PR

The Vietnamese Government declares a sharp 40% drop on visa on arrival fee for foreign nationals.Visa-vietnam.org supports the move by issuing visas at new prices.
Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam, Vietnam (pr4links.com) 01/12/2015
Good news for travellers planning to visit Vietnam. The Vietnamese government has officially announced a sharp 40% drop on Vietnam visa on arrival stamping fees, in a bid to boost tourism. According to the Circular 157/2015/TT-BTC issued by the Ministry of Finance, the reduced prices on stamping fees will take into effect from November 23 2015. Visa-Vietnam.org, a leading Vietnam Visa agent, openly supports the government's decision by offering visas in a swift manner at newly announced prices

As per the document, foreigners will have to pay US$25 for a single-entry visa and US$50 for a visa valid for three months or less when they visit Vietnam, in the place of US$45 and $95 being levied respectively. Longer term visas from and upwards 3 months will have stamping fees remaining unchanged, with the rates spanning from $95 to $155.

Following the announcement, a spokesperson for Visa-Vietnam.org elucidated, "We are really moved by this decision put forward by the government. This is definitely a welcoming change for the foreign travellers who'd like to visit Vietnam and take a tour through the tourist attractions surrounding the country. We have been quite successful in offering visa on arrival in an effortless manner, and now we get the privilege of offering extra delight to travellers with reduced stamping fee whilst delivering our efficient services."

While it is difficult to discover a trusted agent for Vietnam Visa, a lot of customers have found Visa-Vietnam.org to be very convincing and comforting with the agent's services. They are known for offering visa with faster processing, affordability and easy accessibility, making customers avail Visa on arrival with no complications and slipups.

The spokesperson continued, "Visa is just small piece of paper but it may make your trip become nightmare. Having the right agent or company by your side is extremely important. We, visa-vietnam.org, is one of the most reputed travel agents in Vietnam who can help you easily secure a Visa on Arrival in Vietnam at reasonable price."

The new government regulation also states that travellers, arriving at Vietnam and entering other Indochina countries, such as Laos and Cambodia, & then subsequently returning to Vietnam up to 30 days, will have to a pay a stamping fee of just $5 USD as opposed to the higher fee of $45USD.

Apart from their accepted services, Visa-Vietnam.org also offers discounts as well as a refund policy wherein they shall reimburse 100% of the fees if travelers are not satisfied with the services in any way. They have become one of the most trusted agents for foreigners to obtain Vietnam visa on arrival without any hassles.

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