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Fast Funding, Low Interest Rate and Mortgage Financing For Renovation Projects Available at AMF Featured PR

Alternative Mortgage Financing (AMF), an exemplary mortgage financing firm in Vancouver BC offers fast funding, low interest rate, alternative mortgage financing for mortgage & renovation projects.
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada (pr4links.com) 01/10/2013
Great news for Vancouver residents looking to purchase a dated home & making it a dream home, Alternative Mortgage Financing offers the best mortgage financing to suit client's demands such as interest rates, mortgage terms etc… They even locate the right contractors, designers, and architects upon clients' request.

"To the consumer, it may seem like a mortgage is a mortgage. Find a house, put some money down, and move in. But today the mortgage industry has gone through some major changes that affect absolutely everyone who wants to obtain financing to buy a new dream. Understanding and interpreting these changes is critical to properly plan the right financing. With vast experience and knowledge, we at AMF guide you through renovation projects for both purchasing and refinancing of condos and houses", reported the founder of AMF, Grant Powell when asked about the mortgage industry.

The mortgage broker in BC is sought out by potential borrowers and often offers a selection of investment opportunities that would be available to the consumers. AMF's mortgage broker finds a borrower for consumers, determines the parameters of the loan, and handles all the legal work. The best part about this commendable firm that keeps it one step ahead from the competition is its customer service. They turn those dreams into a reality by adding the expenses of a custom home lifestyle renovation right into the dated property immediately after taking possession.

With sound knowledge on construction and mortgage industry, Alternative Mortgage Financing has positioned themselves with clients and renovation professionals to keep effective communication through the entire project and monitors renovation & financing until it is 100% complete. Grant Powell added, "Once the project is 100% complete in most cases we refinance your original mortgage together with the Interim term mortgage into a new combined longer term lower rate mortgage thus having one mortgage payment at a lower rate".

About Alternative Mortgage Financing

Alternative Mortgage Financing offers the best alternative mortgage financing for mortgages and renovation projects. They have built relationships with the right mortgage lenders to offer the best financing for client renovation requests. For more details, visit http://alternativemortgagefinancing.net/



Alternative Mortgage Financing, founded by Grant Powell, is leading mortgage brokers in Vancouver, BC who are known for Fast Funding, Low Interest Rate and Alternative Mortgage Financing for Mortgages & Renovation Projects. They facilitate the renovation process by assisting and monitoring the financing and renovation until it is completed 100%.


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