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Catch 22 for couples considering divorceFeatured PR

Current financial climate and pressure from the economy lets to upset and dispute in marriages, a survey carried out by divorce professionals Dovetail Divorce shows that worries about money rank highly as a concern for couples considering divorce.
Otley, West Yorkshire, United Kingdom (pr4links.com) 25/10/2013
Divorce is well known for being highly stressful but it is worries about money that top the list for most divorcing couples. Dovetail Divorce, a group of specialist collaborative family lawyers and divorce professionals, recently carried out a survey amongst users of their website in an effort to pinpoint the areas of most concern for couples going through, or contemplating divorce. Robert Cresswell from Dovetail Divorce explained: "There's been much talk in the media over recent months about the spiralling cost of divorce and so-called 'DIY divorces' so we decided to find out more about what really worries people about divorce and the prospect of divorce."

"It's a bit of a catch 22 situation," Robert goes on to say. "The economic climate has put huge pressures on family funds, which sometimes pushes relationships to breaking point. But the expense of divorce can also stop couples investigating it as an avenue, putting further stress on the marriage."

"The results of our survey are extremely interesting and, as we suspected, money is top of the list for most people. Our findings haven't come as a surprise as the UK is only just beginning to emerge from a recession and many people are struggling financially, which highlights the need for good quality financial advice.

"We asked respondents which aspects of divorce they'd consider getting help with and financial advice and the cost of divorce came were in first and second place. Clearly people are very anxious about the potential expense of getting divorced and the money problems that can arise after a divorce."

Following closely after financial advice and the cost of divorce was the importance of knowing the price of divorce in advance, which is something that the Dovetail team have already addressed "There has been a recent spate of high-profile, costly divorce cases which have made people extremely concerned that the cost of their divorce could spiral out of control. At Dovetail we think that not knowing the cost of divorce is a very outdated way of doing things which is why we've established our unique 'cost calculator' which is designed to provide couples with a quick, accurate online quote," said Robert.

Dovetail's survey also covered issues such as emotional help during divorce and collaborative divorce which is an amicable approach to divorce that is rapidly gaining in popularity: "At Dovetail we use the collaborative approach to divorce, an approach which has been designed to help couples work together outside the courts, keeping the best interests of their family at the heart of the discussion. The collaborative approach is becoming more popular, mainly because I think couples are increasingly concerned about the negative impact that going to court can have on their family and on the children in particular," explained Robert.

If you would like more information on the work of the Dovetail Divorce team, or for details of their online divorce cost calculator, please visit: www.dovetaildivorce.com

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