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Virtual Drive Announces Free Secure Cloud Services on Sign UpFeatured PR

Virtual Drive is a leading company offering secure cloud based services and solutions. It offers a host of free services on sign up
Olathe, KS, United States (pr4links.com) 09/01/2014
Virtual Drive has announced a slew of free services to members signing up with them. The Sign Up is free as well. To join Virtual Drive, members have to fill up the information form on the website and set up an account with them.

Among the services provided by Virtual Drive includes, remote file server, FTP server, online backup, email backup and hosting, free client software, mobile client apps, etc. file versioning, file sync, file sharing, automated backup, etc. are some of their may services. They also offer advanced cloud based server hosting services to large corporations.

"Members using our services can save up to 90% from other services. The service is easy and does not require a change of training. For instance, you can use Microsoft Office without changing for web based spreadsheets, etc," says the spokesperson for Virtual Drive.

The Company provides better service that an in-house solutions provider. The remote file server can be accessed from multiple locations allowing you to share files and collaborate with remote employees or clients. The Offsite Backup is very reliable and can survive major disasters.

The services are scalable. For instance, the group account administrator can create multiple group administrators, sub administrators, besides creating regular users and guest users. Within just a few minutes, the group administrator can create as much as tens and thousands of users. Users can also support thousands of files and zettabytes of data.

About Virtual Drive:

Virtual Drive was the first among the many companies offering secure cloud services. They started in 1999 and include Remote File Servers, Email Servers, Data Backup, FTP Servers, and Web Servers among their specialized solutions.

To know more, visit, https://virtualdrive.com



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