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Secure Cloud Services are Cheaper and Far More Secure than Conventional Storage SolutionsFeatured PR

Conventional storage solutions like investing on a backup server or external hard drive do not offer the flexibility and safety assured by secure cloud services.
Olathe, KS, United States (pr4links.com) 29/01/2014
Companies looking for effective and economic storage solutions are now looking at secure cloud storage options. The money spent on buying and maintaining an external server can be saved by becoming cloud enabled.

"Cloud users don't just save money and time, but also get access to efficient technology and innovation. Besides file storage, businesses can get several other features such as remote file access, FTP server access, online backup, email backup and hosting, etc. for free," says a spokesperson for Virtual Drive. Started in 1999, this company is one of the first companies to offer secure cloud based services.

They're an ideal solution for startups and small companies that could save money that is spent on conventional backup and storage facilities. They're also ideal for virtual companies with employees based all over the world.

There's a whole community of small and medium based companies that are looking to stretch their money a little further, thanks to the slow economy. "As technology related to cloud based applications continues to improve, costs related to these services have come down drastically. Even those who choose to opt to purchase a server will be forced to move to cloud," adds the spokesperson.

Most services including remote access, file sharing, etc. up to 1 GB is free with Virtual Drive. As for those that are paid, the charges are nominal. In fact, a Standard Plan that includes facilities like remote sharing, file sharing including online file share, data storage, email backup, online backup, etc. up to 6 GB is just under$8/month.

About Virtual Drive:

Virtual Drive is the one of the first companies to offer secure cloud services. Besides storage, they also free file share, email backup and a host of other services.

To know more or to sign up for free, log on to http://virtualdrive.com



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