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Startup helps website owners generating more revenue Premium PR

We wanted to create a platform to establish a better revenue channel for all the hardworking website owners, bloggers, and video-bloggers out there. A new way for generating revenue for websites now more and more people use ad-blockers.
Marbella, Malaga, Spain (pr4links.com) 10/03/2016
Bonop.com had its official launch this month as an innovative platform to enable content creators to receive revenue aside from ad banners. With an ever increasing number of people using ad-blockers, revenue streams for website owners, are decreasing year on year.

“We’ve noticed revenue through ad banners drastically going down with developments such as ad-blockers in recent years,” said Melle Sap, Founder of Bonop.com. “Many people don’t trust these banners anymore because they can bring computer viruses and because of privacy concerns”

Many people don’t know that their favorite website or YouTube channel has relatively no funding. In fact, most websites, on average, get only € 1,- per 1,000 views. And this is getting less through the use of ad-blockers.

“We wanted to create a platform that allows fans to easily donate to their favorite websites and video channels,” said Sap. “What if every 100th visitor donates one euro?"

A team of tech gurus from Holland and Spain, Bonop.com’s headquarters are currently based in Marbella, worked for over a year on the platform. Bonop.com is now officially up and running for the world to utilize. The website can be accessed in English, German and Dutch, with Spanish coming soon.

About Bonop.com

Bonop.com is a collective of software developers and content creators who envision a brighter world for the writers, directors, producers and musicians who enrich our lives.


Klaas de Vries / Melle Sap
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