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New Options in Guided Boring, Fisher Capital Equipment Management Update

The Akkerman team, continually committed to increasing the versatility of our products, recently launched several new components for our GBM line of equipment.
Birmingham, Alabama, United States (pr4links.com) 03/03/2011
The Akkerman team, continually committed to increasing the versatility of our products, recently launched several new components for our GBM line of equipment.

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The Powered Reaming Head (PRH) upsizing kit for its Guided Boring Machine (GBM) system was released. This GBM accessory allows owners to bore multiple pipe diameters with just one set of 11” OD (279 mm) thrust casings and augers. The base 14” (356 mm) OD PRH unit features 16” (406 mm) and 20” (508mm) OD increaser kits and corresponding pipe adapter rings to accommodate up to 20” (508 mm) OD pipe. All PRH components rest on a customized rack for ease of transport and orderliness on the job site. The PRH front and rear sections can be launched separately to accommodate minimal diameter shafts. The PRH kit performs well with all Akkerman power packs and jacking frames.

The P150Q Power Pack provides hydraulic power to the GBM jacking frame and Powered Cutter Head for smooth and efficient operation. The P150Q houses a 154 HP (115 kw) diesel engine. Its three load-sensing variable displacement axial piston pumps independently operate the jacking, rotation and PCH. It also features a 100 gal (378 L) fuel tank and 50 gal (189 L) hydraulic oil reservoirs.

The Jetting and Lubrication pump underwent a design reconfiguration for enhanced compactness. It features independent hydrostatic flow connections, bulkhead connections for pressure and return lines and an easily serviceable open/close valve on the tank outlet. Customers may choose the 3,000 rpm, 30 HP (7 kW) diesel engine or 1,750 rpm, 30 HP (7 kW) electric motor. Each 325 gal (1,230 L) tank is positioned side-by-side on a pallet-like base. The 2,500 psi (17,237 kPa) high-pressure jetting pump assists the GBM system’s excavation process by lubricating cutter bits and spoils. An in-line suction filter protects the pump from contaminants in the water. The 150 maximum psi (1,034 kPa) lubrication pump flows at 4gpm (15 L/min) and features an agitator which mixes the lubrication quickly and keeps it consistent throughout production.

For more information on these and other GBM products, please contact our friendly sales staff or an international representative.

Akkerman Inc. is positioned for sales in new markets with recently established representation in the Middle East, India, Russia and Singapore. Agreements with Trenchers Land Digging & Filling LLC, based in the United Arab Emirates, Asia Contech Ltd. of India, Intertorg Russia and ICE Far East in Singapore pioneer exciting prospects for Akkerman Inc. worldwide. Trenchers Land Digging & Filling LLC of Dubai recently facilitated the sale of a complete Guided Boring Machine (GBM) system for a Kuwait contractor. This sale denotes the first GBM system sold in the Middle East as well as the most powerful pilot tube micro tunneling configuration available. The 4812A jacking frame with 200 tons of thrust, 275T power pack, Powered Cutter Head and Jetting and Lubrication pump will install DN 300-1,000 mm pipes for drives up to 150 m long. Asia Contech Ltd. of New Delhi, providing sales and service of Akkerman equipment in India, also represents trenchless companies American Augers, ASTEC and Trencor. ICE Far East of Singapore, a south East Asia office for International Construction Equipment (ICE) will represent Akkerman in this region. Intertorg of Moscow, a US based company with expertise in the Russian trenchless market, has been a longtime dealer for Ditch Witch and previously represented Lovat, Soltau and MTS equipment.

Akkerman welcomes these organizations into its community of sales representatives. Tunnel Engineering Services in the United Kingdom, Ditch Witch of Australia, Virtual Engineering of Columbia and the Alinea Group of Mexico have been agents of Akkerman for many years. Additional representatives have been appointed in Egypt, Turkey, Bulgaria, Poland, Brazil, Italy and Pakistan. For a full listing of equipment representatives, please review the “Contact Us” page on the Akkerman website.


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